The story of

Fox Farm Home

Guided by the seasons many of the projects here are rooted in nature and outdoor play.  For us, creative living is not about the product, but the process.  Finding delight in what is simple and gradually shifting our mindset to make ordinary days feel a little more magical.

 Our grandparents lived on Fox Farm Road and days spent with them meant adventures outside exploring the prairie and pond or time creating in the workshop. Truly, this space is an ode to both sets of our grandparents who fostered a love of the outdoors and all things handmade and homegrown.  Beyond nurturing our creative spirits, they were excellent teachers with a desire to pass down the skills and traditions they loved.  Sewing, wood working, homemade meals, camping, music, gardening, toy making, the list goes on and on.

Our grandparents taught us to be lifelong learners, to not just be inspired, but to make those ideas into something tangible. As we dreamed about creating a space to share our love of learning, sparking creativity in our children’s lives and finding delight and adventure in everyday life, Fox Farm Home was slowly created.

We hope you find our little corner of the internet to be a place you can come to and find both the inspiration and tools to create something beautiful and tangible in your own life. Projects and adventures you can create and enjoy with your children. Encouragement in parenting. Our hope is that it is a safe, soft resting ground when life is moving at lightening speed around you and you feel at ease to ask questions, be a beginner and learn alongside of us. We hope to reclaim joy in your every day tasks whether it be raising kids, creating a home or cultivating a community around yourself. We are are here for you in whatever season you find yourself in.

xx Annie, Emily & Laura

Meet Annie

As a mom of three adventurous boys, she knows the importance of keeping up with their energy and curiosity while also finding balance in her marriage and home.

She has had over 2 decades of working with children and has a huge passion for equipping parents with tools to enjoy every stage of parenthood. When not playing with her boys she is a nurse in developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

Annie hopes to use this space to provide fun activities that your whole family can enjoy together. She loves helping parents simplify and find joy in parenting.

Meet Emily

A mother of three, you will find Emily outside with her children, hands dirty from either working in the garden or playing in the mud kitchen with her kids. She has a growing backyard homestead which is constantly evolving and always giving her something new to learn about.

Emily loves trying new creative outlets and finds a lot of joy in making things by hand and living simply and slowly. As a nurse and mother, she enjoys creating nourishing meals for her family. She loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking with her kids and experimenting with new recipes.

Her hope is for this space to be a creative outlet and journal to remember projects and ideas and watch as they evolve.  She hopes to provide you with resources for fun recipes, outdoor activities, and simple crafts to enjoy with your children.  She desires to continue to learn traditional skills of homemaking and share as she goes on this journey of creating a more handmade home.

Meet Laura

Laura is a new mom! She is currently loving the creative process of making her house feel like a home as she embraces the newborn stage. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious meals with her family and experimenting with new recipes.

She works as a landscape architect by day and has a growing photography business she works on in her spare time. When she is not working or spending time with family her and her husband love hitting the road to explore the National Parks.

Laura has a great eye for design and manages our marketing and social media.