Christmas Pictionary Game For Families-Free Printable

I love family gatherings during the holiday season. There is just something special about quality time with those you love most, especially around the Christmas season. This Christmas pictionary game is a perfect addition to your family get-togethers, it is so much fun and is guaranteed to lead to lots of laughter!

Christmas Pictionary Printable With garland on top

This game was created with the whole family in mind. There are 36 Christmas themed words to choose from, these include all of our favorite Christmas activities. Some cards have photos on them to help younger kids participate if they are not yet reading. This printable Christmas pictionary game is an easy game for kids and adults of all ages to play and should be on the top of your list for family game nights this winter!


  • Printable Christmas Pictionary Cards- free printable card set is at the bottom of this post
  • Hat or Bowl (to draw cards from)
  • Timer
  • Writing Utensils
  • Drawing board for each team (This could be a white board or notebook paper)
3 pages of the printable Christmas pictionary game

How To Play Christmas Pictionary

This is the Christmas spin off of the classic pictionary game. You can make this as competitive or cooperative as you want to. The goal is just to have fun together!

  1. Split group into two teams
  2. The first team to go will pick a player to draw a word from the hat
  3. That player draws what is on the card- remember the person drawing is not able to say anything or use letters or words in their drawing! As they are drawing their team members can start guessing what they think the word or phrase is on the card they drew.
  4. Once the player starts drawing the timer starts. The time can be adjusted as needed- 1 minute is a good place to start.
  5. If the team does not guess the word or phrase prior to the timer going off the opposing team gets one guess
  6. Repeat with Team 2 drawing a card
  7. The end of the game is either when you have run out of word cards or one team has made it to 10 points. 

Scoring: If the team drawing guesses the correct answer before the timer goes off they get 1 point. If they don’t get the word and the other team guesses it that team then gets the point. If no one guesses correctly no points are given that round.

Variations/Additional Ways To Use The Word Cards

These cards were created for pictionary but also would be perfect for a Christmas charades game or Christmas catch phrase! 

If you are looking to make this a little harder you can blindfold the player that is drawing. This is not only more challenging but also so funny to watch!

Some of the cards have a picture next to the word to allow kids who are not yet readers the opportunity to play. If you have players who need these picture cards it may be a good idea to separate the picture cards and non-picture cards so they are able to draw an appropriate card on their turn. 

This super fun holiday game is perfect for a family gathering, work Christmas party or classroom party.

Christmas pictionary printable

Printable Christmas Pictionary Word Cards

This link should take you to the PDF for the printable game cards. You can just use the download link and the free printables should be ready to print. This Christmas pictionary PDF is created for your personal use at home or in your classroom. There are 36 printable cards, some with photos next to the words for younger players. 

I recommend printing off on card stock, especially if you are hoping to use this game more than a few times. 

Other Christmas Games

Our family loves games (I mean who doesn’t love fun Christmas games?!), so we have created a few other Christmas games for you to use this holiday season. 

Christmas Lights Bingo is a great activity while driving around looking at Christmas lights. This super fun holiday activity is great for kids of all ages and such a perfect way to spend a cold winter night!

​If you like puzzles this Christmas Word Scramble is the activity for you! It is a great party game and includes free printable cards.

I have played the Christmas Saran Wrap Game by Play Party Plan at my work holiday party for the last few years and it is always a blast! If you are looking for a great way to entertain a lot of people this is a awesome option.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Pictionary pinterest pin

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  1. Love the idea of a Christmas Pictionary game! It’s perfect for family nights during the holiday season. Can’t wait to give it a try with my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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