Countdown To Valentine’s Day- A Fun Family Tradition

Since having kids Valentine’s Day quickly slid into my top 3 favorite holidays. There is nothing I love more than a chance to pour into my kids and show them how much I love them. These paper hearts to countdown to Valentine’s day are a great way to show your kids a little love and create some sweet memories.

hearts on table cut out with markers

Counting down to Valentine’s day is such a fun tradition and a great way to break up the winter blues while we wait for spring to arrive. There are lots of Valentine’s day countdown ideas including using a paper chain or doing a daily scavenger hunt. However, these little affirmations on hearts are my very favorite way to spread a little love and extremely simple to put together.

Countdown To Valentine’s Day Supplies

  • 14 cut out hearts- free printable PDF can be found at the end of the post
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
heart shape, construction paper, heart PDF template, markers and scissors

How To Countdown To Valentine’s Day

First you need to cut out 14 heart shapes. You can use the free printable PDF below that has heart shapes templated for you or just go freestyle with some construction paper. You could also use a heart shaped cookie cutter for the outline. 

This is the fun part.

Starting on February 1st you will take one heart and write something that you love about that child, family member or loved one. You can make them into love letters and put them in envelopes and deposit them into a cute little mailbox or tape them to their bedroom door (my favorite way to do this activity).

Every day up to February 14th you will repeat this leading to 14 paper hearts flooding them with a little love. You can have the whole family participate in making the Valentine’s hearts. Everyone could put a heart up for each other every day or you could assign everyone a person to focus on during those 14 days. 

hearts taped up on bedroom door

If you are finding this with only a few days left until Valentine’s day, don’t fret! You can do a heart attack on your loved one and on Valentine’s day flood your child’s door with hearts filled with words of affirmation. I promise the smile they give when they find this will quickly make this activity a top contender on your Valentine’s day traditions list. 

hearts on table with kind statements on them

Free Printable PDF Heart Template

Here is the link to the free printable heart template that you can use for your Valentine’s countdown. These are free for you to use for home or classroom use.

heart template on table with markers and scissors

Other Fun Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s day a special celebration by making heart pizzas (or if you are tight on time or energy Papa Murphy’s always sells great heart pizzas on Valentine’s Day). 

Celebrate with pink hot chocolate from Baking Mischief. Don’t forget to top with the cutest frozen whipped cream heart shapes.

Heart-shaped pancakes are a favorite breakfast choice on Valentine’s day. Tara at Feels Like Home has a great recipe if you are looking for one!

The best part of this holiday is it gives you a great opportunity to show your kids how much you love them and how to love each other well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Countdown To Valentine's Day Pinterest Pin

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