DIY Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar – Free Printables

A free printable acts of kindness advent calendar with festive cards and creative ideas to spread some holiday cheer this advent season!

This Christmas I wanted to create something different than the traditional advent calendar in order to foster an attitude of joyful giving and celebrate acts of kindness with my kids.  It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday season once the Christmas parties start and all the fun events and family time begins.

This year, I wanted to do something intentional in order to celebrate Jesus, His love, and share that goodness with my kids and the people around us! I created a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar as a free printable for you and your kids to celebrate little acts of kindness and have a lot of fun in the process 🙂 

Hanging Advent Calendar cards with random acts of kindness ideas including smile at a stranger and pray for someone.

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​Supplies to Make Colored Ice Blocks

  • Food Coloring or Liquid Watercolors – we used both for a variety of color and they worked equally well!
  • Ice Cube Trays or Ice Molds (we also used plastic cups, small plastic containers, muffin tins and popsicle molds!)
  • Spray Bottle (Optional – but helpful!)

How to Make Colorful Ice Sculptures

I mixed the food coloring (or liquid watercolor) into a pyrex measuring cup with a little bit of water until it was diluted to a color I liked.  

I then poured the colored water into the molds and repeated the process with lots of different colors until we ran out of containers.  You can then place them in your freezer our outside if it’s below freezing! 

The smaller ice cubes were ready in about 4hours, but the larger cups needed about 12 hours to freeze. Freezing time will depend on the size of your containers.

Once they are frozen plop them out onto the snow to begin building! If you are having a hard time getting it out of the container just run a bit of warm water on the container until they pop free.  

To build with your rainbow ice cubes bring a small spray bottle and it will act as your glue in helping the cubes stick together.  The spray bottle also melted the snow off of our ice cubes so we could see the colors more clearly.  

Helpful Tip: 

This activity is best when it’s below freezing so the sculptures stay together more easily.  When sprayed by the spray bottle wait just a few seconds and the water freezes the colored cubes together! 

Wear snow gloves, not cloth gloves! We all started with cloth mittens so we could handle the ice cubes better, but they just stuck to our mittens hah!  

Our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar is not only a fantastic way to count down to the most magical day of the year, but it’s also an opportunity to teach your little ones the joy of giving, compassion, and the importance of spreading kindness far and wide!

DIY Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar

The acts of kindness calendar was created with the whole family in mind, so you will find fun ideas that translate well from your younger kids up to your teenagers!

There are 30 cards so you can choose the 24 best ones that fit your families needs and goals for this Christmas season.  I also left 2 blank cards, so if you want you can fill in your own ideas on those cards.  If you have older kids, it would be fun to see the ideas they come up with on their own!    

You can find the free printable advent calendar cards as a pdf file at the bottom of this post.  

The majority of the activities are budget friendly and acts of service based.  The calendar is full of great ideas and fun ways to create an attitude of kindness and service in your home and your community. You will find lots of simple ideas to bring smiles to your neighbors and those around you!

Hanging advent card that says leave a snack for your delivery man.  Hanging next to a candy cane.

Kindness Advent Calendar Ideas

  1. Read a book to a sibling or friend
  2. Hold the door open for someone
  3. Bake cookies for your neighbors
  4. Donate food to a food bank
  5. Donate books to a neighborhood library
  6. Mail a card to someone you miss
  7. Leave a kind note for a family member
  8. Ask how you can help around the house
  9. Leave change in a vending machine
  10. Donate clothes to a local shelter
  11. Leave a snack for your mail carrier
  12. Feed the birds and squirrels a treat
  13. Give a gift to Samaritan’s Purse
  14. Offer to help cook dinner
  15. Give a thoughtful compliment
  16. Tell someone that Jesus loves them
  17. Smile at a stranger
  18. Give change to the salvation army
  19. Donate a toy to charity
  20. Pray for someone
  21. Tell someone a joke
  22. Give a thank you card to a teacher 
  23. Deliver cards to the police or local fire station
  24. Sing a Christmas carol for someone
  25. Hand out candy canes
  26. Shovel snow for a neighbor
  27. Make a friend hot chocolate or tea
  28. Pick up litter at the park

Supplies Needed

How to Make an Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

Print off your cards, I used card stock because I know they will be pulled on and I want them to last this year and future years as well.  

Using a paper cutter or scissors cut out all of the cards.

Hang up! I hung the cards up in a fun tree shape in our hallway and found a picture of a star to put on top! If you have an advent calendar with pockets you could put the cards inside or use clothes pins to hang them on the outside of each day.

DIY Advent acts of kindness calendar cards hanging on string in the shape of a Christmas tree with a star on top.

How to use the free printable random acts of kindness cards

Starting on December 1st, choose one card a day to complete until you reach Christmas Day!  A lot of the cards can be completed without much preparation, but there are a few that would require some thought beforehand including baking cookies or donating food or clothing.  

It might be helpful to plan out in advance which cards you will do for the week (or the whole month) in order to be prepared and keep it as simple as possible.  However, this is also why I included the extra cards and the blank cards, so you can find what works best for your family!  

DIY Advent Calendar PDF

You may print off for your own personal or classroom use.

I hope this DIY advent calendar makes it easier for you to incorporate more giving and spread a little kindness to those around you this Christmas.  Your kids will have so much fun seeing the joy they can bring others and the positive impact that they can have in someone’s day.  

Advent activity card that says ask how you can help around the house. Hanging next to a candy cane.

There is nothing extravagant about these ideas, but most often it is the simple things that bring the most joy.  

I hope your Christmas season is slow, thoughtful and full of small delights every day 🙂 Merry Christmas, friends!

If you enjoyed this random acts of kindness advent calendar, please comment below your favorite activity! It would make my day to hear your stories! 

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