How To Make An Easy DIY Seashell Picture Frame

We loved making this DIY seashell picture frame. It was a great way to display our favorite seashell treasures from a recent vacation! This craft is not only a great craft to do after a beach vacation but would also be an awesome addition to an ocean unit in a classroom!

seashell picture frame standing on table

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We went on vacation a few months ago and collected about 1 million seashells. 😉 We had to find ways to use these beach treasures and this seashell picture frame was a perfect fit! We also made a seashell wind chime and painted some of the shells with shaving cream! This seashell collage may be on our list next. 

This was such a fun craft to do. My boys picked out their most treasured shells to put on the picture frames that they hand picked from our local thrift shop. They then drew a picture of one of their favorite parts of the trip. My son drew a crab because searching for sand crabs with our headlights was a family favorite every night!

This craft is incredibly budget friendly. We bought a wooden frame from from our local consignment store and had everything else on hand, the total craft cost us less than 3$. You could also get a frame your local craft store or dollar store. These cardboard frames on Amazon are a great option as well if you are doing this with a lot of kids!

This craft is perfect for an ocean unit at school or, like us, a great way to use shells after a beach vacation! The end product is a beautiful frame that displays some of your child’s favorite shells and holds some sweet memories. 

How To Make Your DIY Seashell Picture Frame 

  1. Pick out your favorite shells for around your frame
  2. Hot glue your shells around your frame in any pattern you would like
  3. Pick your favorite picture or have your child create a photo to put in the picture frame
  4. Display for all to see!
child gluing on seashells to frame

Different Ways To Make This Craft

You could have your child paint the frame with acrylic paint for a fun background color to put the shells on

For a bright, vibrant picture frame I recommend painting your seashells with shaving cream before gluing them on

For those that want a little added fun, adding glitter to your shells and frame would be really fun

Tips When Making Your Seashell Picture Frame

We found it easiest to put the larger shells in the corners and smaller shells along the sides of the frame

Make sure that your shells don’t go over the outside edges so the picture frame can sit flat when set up

We held our shell onto the frame for about 5 seconds when the hot glue was applied, this helped them not slide and stick right where we wanted them

completed picture frame laying on table with shells around it

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