Easter Cross Craft For Kids- Free Printable Cross Template

This Easter cross craft for kids is bright and colorful and so fun to make. It is perfect for a Sunday school class, classroom activity or a project to do with your kids at home. 

finished Easter cross craft on table with plate full of paint and clothespins and cotton balls

This craft is so fun to do with kids of all ages. It just takes some paint, paper, cotton balls and a little creativity and you end up with an adorable cross craft. As the Easter season approaches this activity is a great way to start conversations about why Easter is so special. You can talk about the meaning of the cross and the beautiful concept that Jesus loves us so much he chose to die on the cross for us.  

I love the contrast of bright paint colors on white paper but your child could really pick any color paper to make this easy Easter craft. Each child’s creation will turn out a little different which makes this activity so fun.

The developmental nurse in me loves the learning opportunities that this craft offers too! This is a great activity to work on fine motor development, hand-eye coordination and is an awesome process art craft for kids.

cross printable template, scissors, paint, cotton balls and clothespins


  • Easter cross template (free printable template is towards the bottom of this post)
  • Printer paper or construction paper
  • Paint
  • Clothespins
  • Cotton balls
  • Tape (optional)

How To Make Your Easter Cross Craft

  1. Print off the Easter cross template that is linked below
  2. Cut out the cross template 
  3. Place the cross on a piece of printer paper or construction paper. I found it most helpful to loosely tape the cross on the paper. This avoids it from moving around when painting, but comes off easily when you are finished.
  4. Put your paint on a tray or paper plate
  5. ​Clip your cotton balls onto your clothespins (it is best to do one clothespin & cotton ball per color)- note that you may need to replace the cotton ball a few times during this craft if they start getting too wet from the paint
  6. Let your child use the paint and cotton ball to make a fun creation on their paper
  7. Once you are done painting pull off the cross template carefully and ta-da- your Easter cross craft is complete
hand putting cotton ball dots on paper to create easter cross craft

Variations To Use With this Cross Template Printable

  • You can replace the paint and cotton balls with paint dabbers for a quick craft
  • Use the Easter template as a coloring page for an easy activity for kids of all ages
  • For a simple (less messy) Easter cross craft allow your child to use markers instead of paint around the cross outline
  • If you want to ditch the paint all together you could glue on small squares of tissue paper to make a really pretty stained glass cross
  • You could do this on a blank card front and use a smaller cross outline to create really adorable Easter cards for loved ones
child making paint dots around his cross to make his easter cross craft

Free Printable Cross Template

Here is your free printable Easter cross template. This link will allow you to download the template which will be in a PDF form for you to print off. This printable is intended to be used for personal use in your home or classroom. 

finished easter cross craft on yellow construction paper next to plate with paint on it

What Is Process Art

Process Art means there aren’t rules to the art project or templates to follow. The only rule in this craft is that you have to border in the cross with some sort of color. This can be with paint, colors, markers or really anything! Other than that your child can create how they wish. They can make dots, brush with the cotton balls (this is what my son liked to do!), create patterns, the sky’s the limit. This Easter cross craft for kids is such a fun activity to let kids take the creative reigns and let their own style shine through.

Easter cross craft finished with paint, clothespins and cotton balls around it

Other Fun Easter Crafts

I would love to see your Easter cross creations! Happy Easter!

pinterest pin for Easter cross craft for kids

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