We’re Going On A Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt Activity

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colorful leaves and crisp air. This fall leaf scavenger hunt activity was one of my favorite activities I did with my little one this year. It is perfect for color identification practice for young children and is a great way to work on observation skills. It was such a fun fall activity (that cost me literally nothing and was so simple) so I had to share it with you guys!

6 pieces of paper with paint color swatches on the top of each paper and coordinating leaves and flowers on each paper

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This activity is a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colors this time of year. The final product makes really fun decorations for your home during the fall season. Be sure to read the book “We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt” before you leave on your fall leaf scavenger hunt to create a little more excitement!

child gluing down nature item to the green color swatch page on fall leaf scavenger hunt


The materials are so simple for this craft, which makes it a great activity to do on a whim! It is also an incredibly inexpensive craft- my favorite! 

You need:

  • White Printer Paper or Construction Paper
  • Paint Color Strips from your local home supply store
  • Double Sided Tape

That’s it! Just 3 items, the rest of the materials are found in nature 🙂

materials for fall leaf scavenger hunt including color swatches, printer paper and double sided tape

How To Do The Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt 

First you need to take your child to your local home goods store and let them pick out 4-5 colors that they think best represent fall. It is fun to see what colors they are seeing this season. 

Once you get back home pull out your printer paper and use the double sided tape to adhere each paint strip to a piece of paper. 

Child sitting on sidewalk gluing down tan leaf on tan page during scavenger hunt

Bundle up and head outside on a little adventure! You can go to a local park, on a nature trail or just go to your backyard. Ask your kids to look for leaves that match the paint swatches they picked out. Once they find something that matches a color you can have them put it on the paper with double sided tape. For example a red leaf goes on the red page, or the yellow leaf goes on the page with the yellow color swatch. You can also let them find other various things the fall season brings like berries, pinecones, acorns and changing grass colors.

That’s it! 

This activity is such a fun way to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful colors that fall brings. This is a great activity for younger kids and my 3 year old loved matching the color swatches he picked out! 

child gluing down green leaf to green page on nature scavenger hunt

​Fun Additions To This Activity

It is always so fun to build up this activity by preparing your child with all of the needed gear to complete a scavenger hunt. This includes a magnifying glass, binoculars and their nature outing gear! This set is what we have for all 3 of our boys and they love it!

For a little extra fun you can have older kids work against a time limit to see who can fill their pages the fastest, without repeating a like item on a page. 

There are a lot of awesome fall books to pair with this activity. Some picture book favorites include The Leaf Thief and Fletcher And The Falling Leaves

Fall themed books including Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and The LEaf Theif

Other Fun Fall Activities

 If you are looking for some other fun activities for your kids this fall these are a few great options to put on your list.

This acorn craft is adorable, fun for all ages and a perfect way to celebrate fall!

Add some vibrant colors to your windows with these adorable leaf sun catchers

Kitchen Table Classroom has some great ideas on how to do leaf rubbings with your kids- another simple, fun craft for the whole family!

There is something about a cup of apple cider, blazing red maple trees and a pile of leaves to jump in! I hope this fall nature scavenger hunt adds a little more fun to your fall season.

pinterest pin for Fall leaf scavenger hunt for kids


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