Free Thanksgiving Word Search Printable For Kids

I love to find fun ways to celebrate holidays, whether it’s with holiday games, activities or crafts. If you are looking for a fun Thanksgiving themed activity for a family gathering, a classroom activity or just to pass some time during Thanksgiving break with your kids I have created a free Thanksgiving word search printable for kids!

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Crossword Puzzle Difficulty Level

This word search has a lot of fun thanksgiving-themed words for kids to find. All of the words are either vertical or horizontal, so perfect for younger kids that are working on word recognition (avoiding the difficulty of backwards or diagonal words). The hidden words are easy to moderately hard, a perfect activity for an elementary aged child. 

Family Use

After eating Thanksgiving dinner I know my whole family is often ready for a nap, or at least a little quiet time. I will for sure be keeping this in my stash of things to give my kids when they need a little down time after the big celebration. 

Here are some other ideas on ways to use this during the Thanksgiving Season:

  • If you are traveling to visit friends or family this is a great car activity to fill some time. 
  • It would be super fun as a full family activity. You could create teams and see who could find a certain word first or who is able to complete the puzzle the fastest
  • If you have a variety of ages of children in your family you can have the older kids help the younger children find the hidden words in the puzzle. 
  • In the days leading up to Thanksgiving this would be a great activity to get kids excited about the upcoming holiday.
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Classroom Use

This Thanksgiving word search puzzle is such a fun activity for kids of all ages but is really geared towards elementary aged kids. I love that this activity secretly helps kids with their spelling skills and word recognition.  Please feel free to use this free printable in your classroom!

Here are some ideas on how to add this to your school day:

  • This is a nice activity for kids to work quietly on for some down time during their day
  •  You could make this a group or whole classroom activity, working together to solve the puzzle will promote cooperative play 
  • As the weather gets colder this time of year indoor recess is inevitable. Put this in your stash of activities for kids to do when they can’t burn energy outside in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break
  • Many schools have buddies, paring younger grades with children in older grades to foster community and leadership for the older kids. This would be an awesome activity for buddies to do together!
  • This would be a perfect addition if you have a Thanksgiving classroom party
  • If you have a unit teaching about Thanksgiving this would be a great activity to supplement that teaching!

Free Thanksgiving Word Search Printable For Kids

This printable word search puzzle has 15 Thanksgiving words in the word bank. You can download the free word search by filling out the form below. I have also included an answer key just in case your kids get stuck. This link should bring you to the free answer key printable in PDF format

Other Thanksgiving Activities & Games

I’ve been working on creating a list of fun, easy games, crafts and activities to help fill our holiday weekend with family and wanted to share them all with you. I love the quality time family games and activities provide, its a perfect way to spend time with loved ones. If you are looking for great options for more holiday activities you may like the following posts:

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  • This Thanksgiving game with free printables is a spin off of the classic game Scattergories. It is such a fun game and a great way to engage people of all ages and is a great option for large groups!

How To Teach Gratitude During Thanksgiving (with printouts for making a Thankful Tree)

  • This is a simple craft that you can extend the entire month of November or into one short activity on Thanksgiving Day. It is suitable for all ages (from young children to adults!) and is a fun way to help everyone really think about what they are grateful for during this holiday season. 

Play Party Plan has some super fun Thanksgiving games for families– if you haven’t already I would highly suggest checking out their post.

Don’t forget to pin this so you can find it again next Thanksgiving!

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I sincerely hope that this fun Thanksgiving activity is a springboard into quality time with those who you love most this holiday season.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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