Gingerbread Man Q-Tip Painting-Free Printable Template

Are you looking for a gingerbread man craft for this holiday season? This gingerbread man q-tip painting craft is simple and such an adorable craft. It takes minimal supplies and makes such a sweet decoration for the winter months.

completed gingerbread man held up in front of white background

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I love that this craft can be super versatile. I created it for a q-tip art project because I knew that it would work on my 3 year old’s fine motor skills. However, you could use pom poms, paint dabbers or even just use the template as a coloring sheet for a simple activity. It is such a fun craft to let your child’s creativity shine through and makes for darling window decorations during the long snowy months. 


  • Gingerbread man template (free printable PDF is later in this post)
  • Q-tips
  • Paint
gingerbread man template, paint on paper plate and q-tips on table

How To Make A Gingerbread Man Q-Tip Painting

  1. Print off the free gingerbread man template (link is towards the end of this post)
  2. Create a palette of paint colors for your child
  3. Allow your child to dip their q-tip into the paint and then onto the dots on the page
  4. Hang up the gingerbread man for a sweet decoration this winter
child sitting at at table dipping q tip in paint to paint gingerbread man template

Fun Ideas For Your Craft

This is a simple craft that can be used so many different ways! Here are a few ideas if you would like to forego the gingerbread man q-tip painting.

Have your child complete the outline with glue sticks and pom poms for a fun creation. Instead of pom poms you could use cheerios, flat gems or mini-marshmallows for extra fun! This would be a great adaption for older kids.

For young children you could just have them paint the gingerbread man, foregoing the idea of having them stick to the pre-made dots on the template.

child using q tip and paint to create their gingerbread man

Have your child create their gingerbread man and cut out the outline. You can then attach this to presents under the tree for a personal touch on your present wrapping this season. They could also be used for gift tags! 

Make this activity a whole family craft! Everyone can have their own gingerbread man template and create it how they wish. When everyone is finished you can all share your adorable finished products. You could even create a gingerbread man garland out of the completed crafts!

​Looking for an ornament craft for your child? Have them design their gingerbread man, cut out the outline and laminate it. Do a single hole punch at the top with ribbon and you have yourself an adorable ornament to hang on your tree!

gingerbread man template completed with paint dabbers with paint dabbers around paper

This printable gingerbread man template is a fun activity for a Christmas party or way to pass time over Christmas break. Pair it with a sweet gingerbread man story like Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett and gingerbread cookies and I promise this will be an activity your kids will ask to do year after year. 

Feel free to use the blank gingerbread man outline as coloring sheets as well! 

Free Gingerbread Man Printable Template

Fill out this form to receive your free gingerbread man q-tip painting template!

This template is created for personal home or classroom use. I created the dots light grey so that they are a guide but don’t take away from the final craft.

2 printable templates laid out on brown background

I would recommend printing off on white paper. If you are going to have the child glue on items such as pom poms or cheerios I highly recommend using white card stock so it can withstand the weight of these items

This simple holiday craft is perfect for kids of all ages. My favorite part about this craft is how many fun ways you can use the template. It is a perfect activity to welcome the winter season!

Other Holiday Crafts For You

This handprint Christmas tree craft is one of my favorite crafts to do with my kids. It is a perfect craft for preschool aged kids.

If you are looking for a free activity for your little ones these Christmas these free printable lacing cards are sure to be a hit! They are great for younger kids and is a fun craft to work on fine motor skills. It doesn’t hurt that the patterns are adorable too!

Craft projects for older kids can be hard to come by. This DIY felt garland is a perfect project for those teens and tweens. It is a darling craft, so much fun to make and you can personalize it with colors to match your holiday decor.

If you are looking for other gingerbread man crafts check out this DIY gingerbread man felt ornament and this gingerbread man bag puppet craft.

completed gingerbread man template on table next to q-tips and paper plate with paint on it

I hope your little one enjoys creating their own adorable gingerbread man!

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