Easy Handprint Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

Handprint crafts are one of my most treasured crafts my kids make. There is nothing sweeter than pulling out our holiday decorations and finding handprint art from when my kids were toddlers. This easy handprint Christmas tree craft will be one that will be treasured for years to come!

Christmas Tree handprint craft on table with pinecone garland around it

You’ve likely heard of Christmas handprint crafts like the handprint angel, handprint reindeer and handprint ornament (if not, I’ve linked some great sites that walk you through how to make these adorable crafts). This handprint tree is another staple that is such a great keepsake craft.

Those little hands are so sweet and only little for so long. This adorable handprint Christmas tree craft is a great way to remember those tiny hands once your child has grown.

There are a lot of ways to use this holiday craft. It is a perfect craft to hang on your windows. You could use this handprint craft on the front of your Christmas cards. It also makes a great gift for family members! 


  • Acrylic Paint (green, yellow, brown and any other colors you would like for the ornaments)
  • Paintbrush
  • White cardstock or construction paper
  • Q-tips 
supplies to make handprint christmas tree including paper, q-tips, Pom-pom, paintbrush and paints

How To Make A Handprint Christmas Tree

Pour out the paint you are going to be using for the Christmas tree on a paper plate. We love using paper plates because it makes clean-up so quick and simple!

Paint your child’s hand green and start creating your tree. We did 3 rows of handprints, 3 handprints on the first row, 2 on the second row and 1 at the top. You can make the tree bigger if you have a large piece of paper to work with!

It is okay to overlap your handprints, this makes the tree more realistic once finished

Once the handprints have completely dried let your child decorate the tree with a q-tip and paint

Don’t forget to add a brown trunk and yellow star at the top of the tree

Let dry and then hang for the holiday season- it is a guaranteed smile every time you look at it 🙂

Child at table using q tip with paint to create dots on tree for ornaments

Tips & Alternate Ideas

Make sure to have enough paint on your child’s hand. I reapply paint between each handprint to make sure their hand is completely covered.

When your child’s hand is down on the paper don’t forget to push down on the top of their hand and all of their fingers to get a clear handprint. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is by creating it into a game. I have them become “as still as a statue” when their hand goes down on the paper and I count to 10 while pushing down their little fingers onto the paper which gives my child the signal of when it is okay to pick their hand up again. 

Toddler sticking painted hand on paper to create top of the Christmas tree

If you would prefer not to do q-tip painting you could use gold glitter or glitter glue to create garland on your tree. 

Pull out your hot glue gun and add pom-poms to create the ornaments instead. If you do this I highly recommend using white cardstock for this craft. You could also use an old cardboard box instead of paper or cardstock. You just need a strong surface so the paper doesn’t get too heavy with the pom-poms on it.

Make handprint Christmas tree cards by putting a single handprint on the front of a greeting card. This is such a simple craft and thoughtful gift for grandparents, neighbors or teachers. 

In order to make sure this craft lasts for years to come I would recommend either laminating the craft when completed or doing it on cardstock so it holds up over time.

handprint Christmas tree on table with pom-poms as ornaments with pinecone garland around it

Other Holiday Handprint Crafts & Activities

  • These handprint lacing cards are not only adorable but a great way to keep younger kids busy during holiday travels or long family dinners.
  • Christmas Pictionary is an easy way to engage the whole family in some holiday fun!
  • ​We love this Christmas word search for older kids. It is a great quiet activity if your child needs some down time, or you could make it into a fun family game.

I love this handprint Christmas tree craft and can’t wait to put my youngest child’s tree next to his siblings this Christmas season.

As you pull this craft out of your Christmas decor bin year after year I hope it reminds you of these sweet years with little ones in your home. 

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