Easy Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for an easy, fun Christmas craft for your preschooler this is it! These easy pipe cleaner Christmas crafts are a great way to work on fine motor skills and make adorable gifts for loved ones. As we start to welcome the holiday season this craft is an easy one to add to your “to do” list with your kids.

pipe cleaner candy canes, snow flake and christmas tree on table with beads and pipe cleaners

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These candy cane and snowflake ornaments are incredibly easy to make and perfect for little hands. They take just a few supplies and a little creativity, sometimes simple crafts are the best crafts. These easy Christmas crafts are a great choice for young kids to make their own special Christmas decoration. However my older kids really enjoyed this activity too! 


I love that this craft takes 4 simple craft supplies- even if you have to buy all 4 you can easily create multiple snowflakes and candy canes for less than 10$. It is one of the most budget friendly crafts you could do this holiday season!

child stringing on bead to candy cane pipe cleaner

How To Make Piper Cleaner Candy Canes

This is a great craft for young children. My preschooler LOVED this craft. I think it was because he could be completely independent and create his candy cane just the way he wanted. We now have a mini tree completely covered in pipe cleaner candy canes! 🙂

You need to cut your pipe cleaner to the size you would like the candy cane. It is fun to make multiple sizes and there is really no right or wrong length for this craft.

  1. Shape the pipe cleaner into a candy cane shape
  2. Have your child string on the first pony bead and pull it to the bottom of the candy cane hook 
  3. Fold over the pipe cleaner onto the bead to hold it in place, this will prevent the beads from falling off
  4. Let your child string beads onto the rest of the candy cane in any pattern they would like. For older kids you could challenge them to make a certain pattern with colors.
  5. Once all the beads are on fold over the other end of the candy cane to the last bead to keep that bead in place.
  6. This step is optional- you can hang the candy canes by the hook of the candy cane or use a piece of string, ribbon or fishing line to create an ornament hook so you can hang it on the tree.
  7. Hang up for all to see!
candy cane ornament being held with tree in background

How To Make Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

This pipe cleaner snowflake would be a great craft for kids of all ages as it is a little more complex. I used the pipe cleaners to make a snowflake template for my preschooler and then let him string on the beads. If you have an older child they may need help cutting the pipe cleaner but likely will enjoy putting together the snowflake template! The middle of the snowflake will be the color of the pipe cleaner you choose so silver pipe cleaners or white pipe cleaners would be a great choice for this craft. 

  1. You need to cut 3 pipe cleaners to make the snowflake arms. These can be equal pieces or you can vary the lengths, it is up to you!
  2. Take 2 of your pipe cleaners and wrap them around each other in the middle
  3. Take the 3rd pipe cleaner and do the same thing, wrapping it around the center to create the snowflake with 6 “arms”
  4. String on your beads 
  5. Once you have beads covering an arm of the snowflake fold over the end of the pipe cleaner onto the last bead to prevent the beads from falling off
  6. Complete for the other five arms
  7. Hang with ribbon or fishing line for a sweet homemade Christmas ornament. I recommend stringing the ribbon through one bead at the end of one arm (which will be the top of the ornament when hanging). The length of ribbon is totally up to you, I usually cut 5-7″ for plenty of hanging space.

My favorite spot to put these snowflake ornaments is hanging in my window. The beads will often catch the sunlight making for a really pretty decoration. 

snowflake pipe cleaner craft hanging on christmas tree

How To Use Your Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts

  • These make adorable Christmas tree ornaments. Homemade ornaments are my favorite things to pull out year after year.
  • They make perfect gift toppers, just tape them on the outside of presents for a little wrapping decoration and small gift for loved ones.
  • These would make adorable gifts for teachers or childcare providers. You could attach a small gift card for coffee or a homemade note from your child for a sweet added touch.
  • Use shimmery or clear beads and hang in your window for some really fun sun catchers.
  • If you are making these in a classroom setting they would make great homemade gifts for the child to bring home to their family.
  • Attach to a Christmas card for a personal touch.
small christmas tree with candy cane ornaments all over it

Other Christmas Pipe Cleaner Crafts

This pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament is adorable and so easy to make. If you have the supplies for the above crafts you will be able to make this with no additional supplies.

Preschool Play and Learn has a tutorial on how to make the most adorable icicle ornaments

These Christmas wreaths are adorable and would be a great craft for older kids

This pipe cleaner angel by One Little Project is so sweet and would be a great addition to your pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments

child stringing on beads to candy cane pipe clenaer

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