DIY Pressed Flower Pinch Pots for Kids

If you are looking for a sweet homemade gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, these pressed flower pinch pots are an adorable gift that kids will love making! There are just a few supplies needed to make these simple pinch pots and it is a fun nature craft to let kids explore their own creativity! 

clay pinch pot with pressed flowers on top of a sheet of wax paper

We love adding dried flowers to our projects and these ring holders were the perfect opportunity to add a bit of flower charm.  This craft is a great way to use your own dried flowers if you have them or if you’re interested and want to learn how to press flowers for future crafts this is a great tutorial.  We have run out of our own stash and used some flowers we bought in a pack from Amazon and they worked great!  

It is the tail end of winter for us and we are feeling very ready for spring to arrive around here. This is the perfect craft to beckon spring and remind ourselves of the beautiful blooms and warmth coming our way so soon 🙂

I loved making these little clay pots with my daughters and seeing their little hands try to mold their pots just right.  It’s fun to watch their creativity flow!  

It’s also fun for them to be able to make something with their own hands to give as a gift.  These would be perfect gifts for teachers, mothers, grandmother’s, or anyone special in their life.

child holding a clay pinch pot with dried flowers

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four clay pots with dried flowers on the counter next to a paintbrush and mod podge

How to Make Clay Pinch Pots with Pressed Flowers

First, set up your work surface with a small bowl of water and newspaper or wax paper.  

Take a piece of clay and roll it into a smooth ball

Then, use your thumb, or the palm of your hands (for the littlest of hands) and press down on the clay ball.  Use your thumbs and push outward to begin forming your dish.  Forming the dish is a fun time to experiment and you can create dishes of many different shapes and sizes! 

childs hand forming a clay pot

Make sure your pots are smooth and try to remove any cracks. Tip-You can dip your fingers in a little water and use your fingertips to smooth out cracks. During the drying process the little cracks can expand and become larger, so try to remove as many as you can.

Use a little pinching motion to create the edge of the dish.  

clay dish ready to have dried flowers added

Once you are happy with the shape of your dish you can either go ahead and add your pressed flowers or set it aside on a piece of wax paper to dry for a couple hours or overnight.  During the drying process I flipped over half way through so both sides could completely dry.  

If you add your flowers when your clay is still wet – gently press down on the flower to make it lay flat in the clay. (My kids needed a little help with this part)  Using a tweezers is the easiest way to handle pressed flowers, because they are so fragile and often break when you pick them up.  

Once your flowers are arranged in the right places, use a paint brush and cover with a thin layer of mod podge.  

Pressed flowers on three clay pinch pots sitting on the counter

If you add your flowers after your clay pot has dried – coat your dish in a thin layer of mod podge and add your pressed flowers and then cover with another layer of mod podge. (The mod podge will be white, but it will dry clear!)

Set aside to dry for a couple of hours.  Once it is dry to the touch your pressed flower dish is ready to use!

a clay dish with pressed flowers covered in a layer of mod podge

Why we Love Making Flower Pinch Pots

  • It is a great project for kids of all ages.  My 3 and 5 year old did most steps by themselves ( I helped with the mod podge) and older kids will enjoy making patterns and designs with the flowers.
  • I try to let my kids create as best as they can, so there are little cracks and flowers that had trouble sticking, but this is an easy way to allow them full independence to create something all by themselves.  I love their cute little wonky bowls and they loved being able to create freely.  
  • You can easily turn this project into something else! A little ornament, small vase, mini flower pot, etc.  Air-dry clay is such a fun medium to get creative with!
  • You can paint your air dry clay once it is completely dry with acrylic paint if you wanted a different look than the white clay.  It would also be cute to paint the rim of the pot with a color or gold paint!
many clay pinch pots with dried flowers on the countertop

We love this simple nature craft and my kids are excited to give them as gifts to teachers and friends!  I hope you enjoy making these nature clay pots as much as we do! 🙂 

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