Rainbow Rain Science Experiment For Kids

​We have had a string of rainy days and this rainbow rain science experiment was a perfect indoor activity and a great way to learn about rain clouds. It is an activity that kids of all ages will enjoy and want to do over and over!

colored water in cups, food coloring on table and rainbow rain experiment on table

I don’t know if it was the shaving cream rain clouds or the rainbow rain that fell from the clouds that mesmerized my kids more. This was such a perfect hands-on way to learn about clouds, weather and precipitation.

This is an awesome, incredibly simple, STEM activity. STEM activities encourage curiosity, innovative thinking and creativity. Engineering For Kids does a great job explaining why STEM learning is so important for kids.

If you are looking for an easy experiment for a little scientist in your life this rainbow rain science experiment is a great choice!

Materials Needed For Rainbow Rain Science Experiment

  • Clear glass container or jar
  • Small containers or cups
  • Food coloring
  • ​Water
  • Shaving cream
  • Eye droppers
materials for rainbow rain activity for kids

Step-By-Step Instructions

Fill your small cups with 1/2-1 cup water

Add drops of food coloring into the cups to create your rain drop colors (we did about 10 drops per cup)

child putting food coloring in cups of water

Fill a larger glass container or jar half full with luke warm water

Spray shaving cream on top of the water that is in the large glass container until fluffy

child squirting in shaving cream to make rain clouds

Use eye dropper to drop the colored water onto your shaving cream cloud

As the cloud swells and becomes more saturated with the colored water you will see the colorful rain fall!

child dropping in colored water onto shaving cream cloud

​Additional Ideas For This Rainbow Rain Experiment

Allow your kids to work on color mixing with the food coloring/water mixture to create their own fun raindrop colors

If you are doing this with older kids it is a great opportunity to ask questions or use a simple investigation worksheet to make predictions on what they think they may happen during this fun activity

It could be fun to see what happens when you try different liquids as the rain drops

​You can play around with different colors, for St, Patrick’s Day you could make green rain or you can make it a Christmas activity by making the rain red and green

If you are looking for a fun sensory activity for your child, playing in the shaving cream cloud after you have done the experiment was a hit in our house 🙂

Child playing in shaving cream in bowl

Other Fun Science Experiments For Kids

If you try this fun science experiment we would love to see it! You can tag us on instagram or facebook @foxfarmhome. 🙂

pinterest pin for science experiment for kids

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