Fun Shaving Cream Marbled Seashell Art For Kids

This shaving cream marbled seashell art was so much fun and was a great way to use some of our seashells that we collected on a recent vacation. We loved watching the bright colors and pretty designs form on our seashells!

finished painted seashells on table

After our recent ocean vacation we came home with SO MANY seashells. Like my kids could be on hoarders, seashell edition. 😉 We made fun seashell wind chimes that they have proudly hung in their rooms and created these adorable seashell picture frames but we still haven’t put a dent in our seashell treasure bags. 

We loved this 4th of July shaving cream craft so I figured it may be a fun experiment to see if we could paint our seashells with food coloring and shaving cream. Let me tell you, this craft was a hit! It was so fun and created bright, unique shells. All 3 of my boys really enjoyed creating their own masterpieces. 

I love that this craft allows kids to take some creative freedom, it is an awesome process art activity. They get to mix their colors, create designs within the shaving cream and decorate their seashells any way they want. Talk about playful learning! I love when there are no real rules around a craft other than allowing kids to tap into their creativity. This is an awesome sensory play activity as well!


  • Foam shaving cream
  • Seashells
  • Paper towels 
  • Food coloring
  • Pan or plate
  • Toothpick
materials for shaving cream seashell painting

How To Create Shaving Cream Marbled Seashells

Put a layer of shaving cream on your pan or plate and smooth it out

child and mom spraying shaving cream on pan

​Place drops of food coloring around on your shaving cream

child putting drops of food coloring on shaving cream

Take your toothpick and create a fun design with your shaving cream and food coloring

child making design in shaving cream and food coloring with toothpick

Place your seashell down into the shaving cream 

seashell face down in shaving cream and food coloring

Take the seashell out and wipe off with a paper towel

person drying shell off on paper towel

Repeat the last 2 steps until your design is completed

Let dry for 10-15 minutes on a piece of paper or paper plate

child holding seashell painted with shaving cream in their hand

Tips For Making Your Shaving Cream Marbled Seashell Art

​Seashells that have ridges held color better than completely smooth shells

You can make different patterns or color combinations by dipping your seashells into a different color after it has dried

We found it easiest for each child to have their own shaving cream pan so they could make their own creations however they wish

For easy clean-up use deep paper plates to put the shaving cream on so you can just throw them away when done

seashells painted in a bowl with shaving cream pan on table

Other Fun Crafts For Kids

I hope your kids love this creative play art activity as much as we did. Tag us on instagram or facebook at @foxfarmhome, we would love to see your creations!

pinterest pin for shaving cream painted seashells

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