Toilet Paper Roll Monsters Craft For Kids

As Halloween approaches my kids love to think of fun, sweet, “creepy” crafts to create and these toilet paper roll monsters may be my favorite Halloween craft to date.

3 completed toilet paper roll monsters with pom poms around them

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The googly eyes and lanky pipe cleaner arms make me smile every time I look at them. This craft is so fun for kids of all ages, my 3 year old enjoyed it just as much as my 9 year old and it was so fun to see their imaginations at work!

This craft is a great way to let young children work on fine motor skills. If you love easy crafts, this one is for you! The best part is that each child can make their own unique monster, letting their imagination run wild. 


tacky glue, toilet paper roll, craft supplies, paint and paintbrush on table

How To Make Your Toilet Roll Paper Monsters

  1. Have your child paint their toilet paper roll any color they would like- I did this the day before we created our monsters to give it time to dry
  2. Allow your child to create their own monster with the craft supplies. Let them go wild with creativity!
child at table gluing googly eyes on toilet paper monster


  • We put tissue paper in the toilet paper roll and pushed the “hair” into this so it would stay. You could also use glue but my boys wanted them in the middle of the roll so this worked well.
  • I found it easiest to cut small spaces on the sides for the arms, this allowed my kiddos to push in the pipe cleaners to the desired length.
  • We found that for the heavier craft supplies, like the pipe cleaners, a stapler was a great option to hold it onto the toilet paper roll
  • If you wanted a quicker dry time for the paint step you could use paint pens or purchase pre-colored rolls
  • If you want a bigger monster you could use paper towel rolls instead!
completed 3 eyed toilet paper roll monster sitting on wooden hutch

Other Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Here are some other fun creative craft ideas for fall that your children may like!

This adorable acorn craft is a fun way to welcome fall

I love the colorful design that this fall leaf sun catcher adds to our windows

This footprint ghost craft by Aubree Originals is adorable and a great addition to your Halloween craft list

Don’t forget to take a group photo of all of your monsters once they are complete! These adorable colorful monsters will be sure to thrill your kiddos this Halloween. 

pinterest pin for toilet paper roll monsters with 2 completed monsters with pom poms around them

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