Vanilla Snow Ice Cream Recipe

A fun snow cream recipe that tastes so yummy and makes a fun snow day activity for kids! Your family will love this easy recipe and it will become a fun winter tradition in your home!

We just had a huge snow storm and got SO much snow this past week, which means it was the perfect time to make some snow ice cream with my kids! We did it the first day it snowed and my kids LOVED it.  And then it kept snowing and snowing and snowing…let’s just say we ate a lot of snow this past week :). 

Snow cream is so simple to make and fun to play around with different toppings and mix ins.  We also made hot chocolate snow cream which was a hit.  For this recipe all you need is a few simple ingredients and some fresh snow to make a delicious snow cream treat!

Bowl of vanilla snow ice cream sitting in the snow with sprinkles on top

This year was my first time ever making snow ice cream and when I started looking it up I couldn’t believe how much people raved about it!  I mean, I thought it would be a fun winter activity to do with the kids, but I wasn’t expecting it to actually taste really good.  I was wrong.  It tasted SO good!  I finally understood the hype.  People love it so much you can even buy snow cream in the store.  I really had no idea this was a thing, but I was so excited to finally get our first snow so I could make some with my daughters.  

It was such a fun recipe to make and is definitely a new favorite winter activity for our family!  I know you will love this fun snow ice cream recipe as much as we did!

Bow of vanilla snow cream sitting in the snow

Vanilla Snow Ice Cream Ingredients

  • Fresh snow 🙂 You will want to use freshly fallen snow as it will be the cleanest and easiest to mix up! 
  • Whole Milk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Sugar
child holding a bowl of vanilla snow cream with sprinkles on top

How to Make Vanilla Snow Cream

First mix up your milk, vanilla and sugar in a large bowl.  Do this before going outside, because adding and mixing ingredients with gloves on isn’t the easiest.  

Take your milk mixture outside in a big bowl and add 7-10 cups of snow.  You can add the snow until the snow cream it is at your desired consistency.  The type of snow you have will change up the texture of the snow cream.  If you have a lot of light fluffy snow you will need to add a few more cups of snow to your milk mixture to make the right consistency.  

Once your snow cream is all mixed up it’s time to add your favorite toppings and enjoy!!

I’m really curious if making snow cream a family tradition of yours or is this your first time trying it out?

two kids mixing their snow cream in a large mixing bowl outside on a snowy day

Snow Cream Substitutions

You can use coconut milk instead of whole milk for a dairy free snow cream recipe.  It will work well and add a yummy coconut flavor.  

Lots of recipes use sweetened condensed milk instead of whole milk and sugar.  We always use whole milk and sugar because that’s what we typically have at home, but both versions are super yummy!  I would imagine the sweetened condensed milk would provide an even richer flavor and thicker cream than just regular milk.  

You could also use heavy cream instead of whole milk for a richer flavor.

vanilla snow ice cream with sprinkles on top sitting on a snowy table

Can you Make Snow Cream Inside?

Most definitely! Just gather all your snow right before it’s time to mix and bring it inside to mix up.  It will melt quickly inside, but might be more enjoyable to eat in the warmth 🙂 You could also gather your snow and keep it in your freezer until you’re ready to make it. It’ll get icy after a while so using it in the first few days is probably best!

vanilla snow cream with sprinkles sitting on a counter top

Can you Freeze Snow Cream?

Yes! If you don’t finish the bowl, you can stick it in an airtight container and save it in the freezer to eat later.  It will be super frozen when you take it out to eat, so just let it sit out for a bit before digging in again!

Snow Cream Variations

It’s super fun to experiment with different flavors and toppings with this recipe, because if it doesn’t turn out it’s just snow and a little bit of milk! We experimented with a hot cocoa snow cream recipe which turned out great.  

vanilla snow cream with sprinkles sitting outside in the snow

Homemade snow cream does taste different than regular vanilla ice cream so don’t expect it to taste the same, but it is delicious in it’s own way and your kids will gobble it up just like regular ice cream 🙂

It is a super fun way to get outside on snowy days and let your kids experiment with making their own sweet treat and different recipes.  It’s also fun to let them do all the mixing outside, because they can mix to their hearts content and spills don’t matter at all.  If all the snow splashes out of the bowl, you can just add some more and keep on mixing!

The next time there is a fresh snowfall try making this easy snow ice cream recipe and please share your favorite additions below!!

Vanilla Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Vanilla Snow Ice Cream Recipe

A fun ice cream treat for kids made with fresh snow! Your kids will love making (and eating) this snow cream!


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 7-10 cups of fresh snow


  1. Mix milk, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl.
  2. Add in fresh snow until the ice cream reaches desired consistency. Mix well and top with your favorite toppings!
  3. Enjoy!

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