Free Printable Weekly Chore Chart For Kids

This weekly chore chart for kids gives your child a sense of responsibility. It is such a great way to stay organized and get your kids into a daily routine, especially over the summer months. 

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Last summer I found myself constantly repeating myself telling my kids their chores for the day. I swore I would create a chore system and daily chore chart and it just never happened. This summer I am motivated to start out on the right foot and avoid the nagging right away. 

Often, when we work around the house, my kids will ask for a list instead of me just adding more and more responsibilities onto their plate as we clean. This to-do list allows them the ability to manage their time and take responsibility in completing their chores. It is so much more enjoyable for all involved so I knew a weekly chart was in our future once summer hit. 

Now that we have our weekly chore chart I can’t even believe we went without it! My 9 year old and 7 year old love crossing off each task they complete. It gives them such a sense of accomplishment! They can independently keep track of daily tasks and have become so much more efficient with their time. My kids prefer to get their tasks done right away so they know that the rest of the day can be spent having fun and playing.

This is a great chore chart to use with kids in elementary school, middle school, and even high school!

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Why Are Weekly Chore Charts Helpful

  • It provides set expectations up front
  • It teaches kids time management skills
  • You can pick and choose age-appropriate chores for each child
  • ​Your child is responsible for their own set of daily tasks
  • It builds strong work ethic
  • It allows household chores to be split up, meaning less work for you and more time to be together as a family having fun
  • It helps set a morning routine during summer months
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How to Use Your Weekly Chore Chart For Kids

This chart is completely customizable with lots of space for both daily chores as well as weekly chores. I recommend printing off one list for each child. This gives them more ownership over their list of chores and avoids confusion.

As your child works through their chore list they can cross off the task and the day they did it. For daily chores we expect this task to be crossed off at the end of each day. On the weekly tasks there are specific chores that need to be done on that day of the week.

I find it helpful to try to keep the chores as consistent as possible. That way after the first few weeks the chores almost seem routine for your kids. If you are struggling with getting your kids motivated, this article by Homes & Gardens has some great tips and tricks on how to motivate the whole family to clean around the house

I have seen parents create additional chores that kids can do to earn some extra money. These specific tasks are above and beyond what is expected as routine tasks. This is a great way to teach kids the value of money. An alternative idea to a monetary incentive is sticker charts or an incentive like ice cream or extra trip to the park for those extra chores. 

This chart is perfect for kids who are reading. I have created a visual chore chart for younger children. This chart is the perfect solution to help little kids feel part of the fun with their own, age appropriate, responsibilities. It is so important to instill these values at a young age so if you have a little one at home this picture chore chart is a great choice!

chore chart for kids next to visual chore chart for preschoolers on table

Your Free Printable Weekly Chore Chart For Kids

All you need to do is complete the form above and your free chore chart will be sent to your inbox immediately. This email will have a link to the digital download for this chore chart.

I laminated each blank chore chart (this is my favorite laminator) and we use dry erase markers on them. We added my favorite mom hack, these sticky magnet circles. We have found that our fridge is a good place for this chart. Making each chart into a magnetic sheet allows us to easily remove it when needed and then hang it back up. 

This printable is for personal use as well as classroom use. 

Chore chart going through laminator with sticker adhesive magnets next to it

Other Parenting Tools/Support

For kids who are not yet reading this picture chore chart is a great option!

We have this feelings chart & coping tools hanging right next to our chore charts. It is so helpful for my kids to use when they are feeling upset or frustrated. 

If your child is struggling with transitions either between activities or life events you may find these tips and tricks to help your child cope with transitions helpful.

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