Fruit Loops Rainbow Craft- A Color Matching Activity

This fruit loops rainbow craft is a perfect activity for a preschool classroom and is a great way to work on color identification skills! The final product is adorable and my little one loved the added bonus of a fun little snack while making this rainbow craft. 

completed fruit loops rainbow on table with fruit loops scattered around it

We have been talking a lot about the colors of the rainbow recently in our house. There is a catchy little song we sing to remember the order, and you better believe we sang it the entire time we were making this craft! 🙂  This fun activity is so simple to set up and make, if you have been around here a while you know I love a good simple craft. 

There are so many added learning opportunities with this craft as well. Not only does it work on color identification but this activity is also awesome for working on fine motor skills! For this craft kids need to have a developed pincer grasp in order to pick up the fruit loop and place it in the correct spot on the rainbow. Fine motor skills are such an important skill to develop in young kids for future life skills (such as writing, buttoning a shirt, zipping a coat, opening a bottle, etc.). I love that this craft is not only fun for my kids but has educational activities embedded in it. 

This is a great activity for a rainbow theme unit in a preschool classroom, or would be a perfect addition to your list of summer activities to do this year! If your kids are anything like mine they will love this cereal rainbow craft not just because it is fun to make, but it makes for a fun snack too!

rainbow template, cotton balls, fruit loops in a bowl and glue stick on table

Materials Needed For Your Fruit Loops Rainbow Craft

  • Froot Loops cereal
  • Cotton balls 
  • Glue
  • Rainbow template (free printable template is towards the bottom of this post)
Child gluing on fruit loops onto the rainbow

How To Make A Fruit Loops Rainbow

  1. Print off the free printable rainbow template (link is later in this post)
  2. Put fruit loops in a bowl for your child to use
  3. Use a glue stick or glue bottle and make a line of glue for your child to put the cereal pieces on- young children may need help with this step
  4. Place Fruit Loops on the rainbow in rainbow color order- from outside in the order is: red Fruit Loops, orange Fruit Loops, yellow Fruit Loops, green Fruit Loops, blue Fruit Loops, purple Fruit Loops
  5. Place glue on the bottom of the rainbow arches for your cotton balls
  6. Take one cotton ball at a time and place them on the paper to create clouds
  7. Enjoy your fruit loop rainbow!
child gluing on cotton ball clouds to the rainbow

Variations To This Fun Rainbow Craft

  • If you are looking for a quick activity you can have your kids color in the rainbow instead of using Fruit Loops
  • To help your child remember rainbow color order you can mark each arch with the color Fruit Loop they need to use in that arch
  • You could replace the cotton balls and use mini marshmallows instead (making for another fun treat to try while making this craft!)
  • For a fun St. Patricks Day craft place gold coins at the bottom or in the middle of the rainbow
  • If you are short on time or don’t have access to a printer forego the template and use construction paper and a marker to create your own rainbow lines
completed fruit loops rainbow

Free Printable Rainbow Template

Just fill out the form above and your free printable rainbow template will be emailed to you immediately. The link in the email will bring you to a digital download for the PDF rainbow template. Please note that this template is for personal and classroom use only. 

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