DIY Pressed Flower Bracelet for Kids

Making pressed flower bracelets is a fun summer activity and nature craft for kids!  Find your own flowers or used dried flowers from the craft store to make this very simple and cute pressed flower bracelet!

two childrens hands next to each other with pressed flower bracelets on

We love using pressed flowers in our crafts and and decorations around here.  There are many ways to press your own flowers, some take multiple days and other methods take just a few minutes in the microwave!  So no worries if you are short on time or don’t have any pressed flowers around the house, you can still make this cute bracelet!

These nature bracelets are not fancy and are meant for kids!  There is no resin or jump rings or anything complicated required to make them and you can make it in less than 10 minutes.  

Your kids will love their diy flower bracelets made with real flowers and will want to wear them all summer long 🙂 Let’s get started!

child's hand with a pressed flower bracelet on top of a stump

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supplies for pressed flower jewlery on the counter including contact paper, sheets of dried flowers, scissors, hole punch and elastic string

How to Make Pressed Flower Bracelets

Find the flower or leaf you would like to use and cut a piece of contact paper just a little bit bigger than the size of your flower.  

dried yellow flower on top of a piece of contact paper on the counter

Place the flower on the sticky side of the contact paper and place another piece of contact paper on the top of the flower to seal it in.  

Trim the excess contact paper in the shape of your choice.  One of my daughters wanted a diamond and the other wanted a circle 🙂 

yellow flower in contact paper with two small holes on the side next to a hole punch

Cut two small holes on opposite sides of the flower with the hole punch.  Thread your string of choice through and tie a knot to secure. 

Enjoy your cute new nature bracelets!

childs hand with yellow flower bracelet

Tips for Making Dried Flower Bracelets

  • Make sure your flowers or nature items are flat to allow the contact paper to adhere well
  • We used smaller flowers in these bracelets, but if your kids want to make a little arrangement of multiple flowers and create a larger bracelet that would be cute as well! 
  • You could also use leafs or herbs in place of flowers
  • These would make great gifts for a class, party favors or Mother’s Day!
childs hand with pink pressed flower bracelet

I hope you have fun making your own pressed flower bracelets with your kids! If you made one let us know in the comments or tag us on instagram or facebook at @foxfarmhome.  We would love to see!! 🙂 

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