Earth Day Handprint Craft For Kids (Printable Template)

This sweet Earth Day handprint craft for kids is such a great activity to celebrate Earth Day. It is a perfect craft for toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary kids and is a great way to start discussion on how to love and take care of our planet.

child holding their completed earth day handprint craft

April 22nd is quickly approaching and this craft is a fun, simple activity to celebrate Earth Day. As a parent handprint crafts are my absolute favorite. It is like capturing a little piece of time when they are still small and oh-so-sweet. This craft will be one that makes it on our art wall (and perhaps even in a picture frame!) for quite some time because I love the message it sends to my kids. 

I love easy crafts that celebrate Earth Day because they give me a great opportunity to talk with my kids about how we can care for and love our planet. You could make an Earth Day pledge with them while creating this craft and talk about what environmental protection means. There are a lot of fun activities, games and books that pair well with this craft to celebrate our beautiful planet. 

free earth day printable, paint and paint brush


  • Earth Day small hands can change the world printable template (link is towards the end of this post)
  • Green paint (and other colors if you want to make the fingerprints)
  • Paint brush 
child with green painted hand and printable sitting next to hand

How To Make Your Earth Day Handprint Art

  1. Print off the free printable linked below
  2. Paint your child’s hand with green washable paint and create a handprint on the top of the tree trunk (you could use a stamp pad as an alternative to paint)
  3. Allow the handprint to dry
  4. If you want fun colored leaves put a variety of colors of paint on a paper plate 
  5. Add on finger print leaves 
  6. Hang the finished product on your wall for all to enjoy!
child putting finger print leaves on their handprint tree

Free Earth Day Handprint Craft Printable

All you need to do is complete the information above and this free template will be emailed to you immediately.  For best results I would recommend printing on white paper in color. You can use heavy weight paper or regular printer. This free printable file is intended for personal use in your classroom or home. It is such a creative craft and a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.

child holding completed hand print earth day printable

Other Fun Earth Day Craft Activities For Kids Of All Ages

I hope you enjoy this fun activity celebrating our planet Earth. Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Handprint Craft For Kids Pinterest Pin

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