Rainbow Nature Weaving | Flower Craft for Summer

Gather all the spring and summer flowers to create your own beautiful rainbow nature weaving!  This weaving craft for kids is a great nature activity for preschoolers and young kids.  It will take you on a nature scavenger hunt to find all the colors of the rainbow through natural materials and is a fun way to get outside this summer!

Child's hands holding a cardboard rainbow loom with flowers on the concrete.

I have always loved weaving and combine weaving with flowers and natural materials, it is a beautiful combination!  

This craft uses recycled cardboard and nature items you can find in your own backyard or a nearby park. You can get creative as you attempt to find all the colors of the rainbow in nature.  

It is a great outdoor activity for summer and so simple to make with materials you likely have just hanging out around your house!  This nature rainbow is also a great activity to work on fine motor skills with toddlers and preschoolers as they attempt to weave their special nature finds in and out of the twine.  

You can make the cardboard loom in less than 10 minutes and spend the rest of your time outside 🙂 Let’s get started!

rainbow nature weaving filled with colorful flowers sitting on a bench


  • Cardboard
  • Twine
  • Scissors
rainbow loom with twine and scissors sitting on the counter

How to Make a Rainbow Nature Weaving

Cut your cardboard in the shape of a rainbow. Our rainbow was around 9 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

cardboard rainbow with scissors and twine sitting on the counter

Use your scissors to cut notches spaced around the outside of the rainbow, about 1 inch apart.  

Make a small knot in your twine and put it on the underside of the rainbow on the bottom notch.  Begin wrapping your rainbow through the center and around each notch going around the entire rainbow. End with a small knot on the opposite side of the rainbow and tuck in the end of the string to secure.  

rainbow loom with twine in notches around the top

Now for the fun part 🙂 Go outside and encourage your kids to try to find every color of the rainbow through natural materials.  Leaves, bark, pine needles, grass, flowers, anything they can find to complete their colors. 

As they find each item, gently weave over and under the twine to hold in place.

Hang your rainbow up for the day to enjoy the beauty of nature! 

child weaving flowers into your rainbow loom on the ground next to a plant

Why We Love Nature Weaving

It is a great craft to spend time outside observing the smallest of plants, colors and the tiny insects that live in and around them.  

Encourage your kids to only take one or two flowers from each plant to leave some for the bugs and bees as well.  This is a great way to teach them to care for living things, even the tiny bees and butterflies.

Weaving is a great way to work on fine motor skills for young children.

Finding the colors of the rainbow is also a great activity for color recognition.   

I love nature crafts and recycled crafts, because it’s using something that can go right back into nature, the recycling or compost bin.  The weavings don’t last more than a day, but the fun in this project is more in the experience than the final product 🙂

child holding her nature weaving with colorful flowers outside

I hope you have so much fun making your own rainbow nature weavings!  If you enjoyed this activity we would love if you would leave a comment below or tag us on instagram @foxfarmhome so we can see!! It makes our day when we hear from you! 🙂  

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