How To Make a Pinecone Garland For The Holidays

This pinecone garland is a perfect addition to your holiday decor. The craft costs less than 5$ to make and is something you can keep for years to come. Stick with me as I walk through how to make pinecone garland with your little one!

Pinecone garland draped across mantle with Christmas greenery on mantle

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Garland is such a simple, fun way to decorate for the season. I love that my kids were able to go on a pinecone hunt with me as we were planning on making our garland. They loved seeing something go from the floor of the forest by our house to a sweet decoration adorning our fireplace mantel during the winter months. This craft was a perfect way to slow down and realize the beauty in simplicity in an otherwise busy and sometimes overwhelming holiday season.

pinecone garland on top of table runner with greenery around it


  • Pinecones- If you would like to forego pinecone foraging you can purchase some fairly inexpensively here, however I 10/10 recommend bundling up your kids and going for a little nature hike to find some
  • Twine
  • Craft Scissors
pinecones in bowl with twine and scissors on table

How To Prepare Your Pinecones

Before you jump into creating the garland you have to do this step if you foraged for pine cones out in nature. If you bought your pinecones you can skip this step because it has already been done.

Because pinecones are out in natural elements they are homes to lots of things including bugs, dirt and mold. In order to avoid any bugs crawling out of your garland during your holiday gathering you need to bake them first. 

pinecones on baking sheet on top of stove

This is very easy. I just put down foil (you can also use parchment paper) to catch any sap and put the pinecones on the pan. I then baked them at 200 degrees for 90 minutes, turning them about half way through.

This post explains the “why” behind this process much better than I could if you are interested in learning more!

That’s it! If you don’t have time to wait for them to bake there are other options as well including using a bleach bath which also creates a really cool looking pinecones. 

full fireplace with garland draping across the front of the mantle and Christmas greenery laying across it

How to Make Pinecone Garland

The first thing you need to do is determine your goal for garland length. This is personal preference depending on where you are hoping to hang it. 

Next you need to cut the twine to your desired length.

Then you can start attaching your pinecones to the twine. As you tie your pinecones along the twine you just need to keep in mind how far apart you want your pinecones. I prefer mine spread out a bit but you could also layer them up closer which makes for a really neat look as well! It may be helpful to lay out your pinecones before tying them on so you know where to start your first pine cone.

Once your pinecones are attached the fun step has come- Hang up your adorable pinecone garland on your fireplace mantel, door frames or front porch and enjoy throughout the holiday season 🙂

pinecone garland on mantle with thankful sign above it

Other Ideas & Thoughts

If you want to add a little extra touch to your pinecone garland you can add essential oils to the pinecones. My go to scent for this craft is cinnamon. 

You could paint your pine cones if you wanted to add in some color or variation in your garland

This is such a great way to bring nature indoors during the winter months! I would love to see how you decorate with your pine cone garland.

pinterest pin for DIY pinecone garland

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