Free Printable Lego Challenge Cards-STEM Activity

These free printable lego challenge cards are a great addition to your Lego collection to help challenge kids and help with their creative play.

lego challenge cards laid out on table with legos around

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Legos are so great at helping kids develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  They are my go to gifts for birthday parties and one toy I never shy away from for my kids. Lego play develops curiosity and encourages creative play. They are a great tool to foster STEM learning and development.

How To Use Lego Challenge Cards

  • If you are a classroom teacher it would be a great idea for a center or small group activity.
  • My favorite use is with my kid’s travel Lego binder. This is combo is awesome for road trips. This post outlines how to make this simple binder for hours of entertainment.
  • We often will pull these out on cold winter nights or a rainy day when we need a new activity to entertain us.
  • This would be a great activity during summer camps. You could use the blank cards provided to put something from nature, like an acorn, and then have the child find the item and create it out of legos.
  • These are a fun way to pass time when waiting at a doctor’s office, restaurant or other time when you may have long waits- don’t forget to bring along your travel lego binder.
lego challenge cards on table around the lego travel binder

Why Are Lego Challenge Cards Helpful

There are so many reasons that these cards are so great. The most notable one is that Legos are an activity that spans over a large age range. That means that these cards are perfect for those kids in your life that may be hard to buy for or entertain.

Playing with legos is a great way to build up a child’s problem-solving skills. It’s like you are creating little engineers when you give them a challenge to create with lego bricks. 

I love how playing with Legos helps refine a child’s fine motor skills. If you are looking for other toys to foster fine motor development this post has lots of ideas for you!

​This is a fantastic tool to help launch your child’s creativity.

child on floor creating with lego "make a smiley face" challenge card

Free Lego Challenge Cards Printable

Here is the link to the Lego challenge cards. This should take you to a PDF file that you can download and print. These are for your personal use at home or in your classroom.

There are 14 cards that have lego challenges on them. I left 2 cards blank for you or your child to add in your own designs that you would like to build. It could be famous landmarks or you may want to create lego math challenge cards.

I would recommend printing them out in color. Also, these will be used frequently so printing on card stock or laminating after printing is highly recommended! Here is a link to my go to laminator.

lego challenge cards laminated with one sheet going through the laminator

Once printed you can single hole punch them at the top and put them on a ring to keep them together. 

These cards are so perfect for kids of all ages. Its a fun way to incorporate stem education into your daily play with your child.

Happy building!

Lego Challenge Card Pinterest Pin

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