Free Camping Word Search Printables (Easy and Hard)

It’s summertime and camping season is in full swing! Whether it’s a rainy day or you and the kids just need some down time after a busy morning of camping activities, snuggle in your sleeping bag or in the shade of a big tree and get to work on this fun camping word search printable!

These free camping printables are a great addition to include in your line up of screen-free road trip activities and get kids excited for upcoming camping adventures! We love camping in our family and always include an afternoon “siesta” where we take some time after lunch to rest and relax before the afternoon fun!  We usually fill this time with books, games and naps 🙂  Word searches are a great way to unwind, learn some new vocabulary words and have a little quiet time whether on a road trip or resting in your tent!  

Camping Word Search Templates

I have included two versions of the word search, one easy and one more difficult. Both of the printable word searches are free to download.  The answer key is also included down at the bottom of this post! It’s a fun activity and with both of these versions, younger kids and older kids will be challenged!

Easy Version

In this puzzle there are 12 camping-related words that can be found horizontally or vertically. 

The list of words includes camping favorites such as smores, campfire, frog, and stars.  

Here you can find the pdf file for the easy puzzle and the answer key.

Easy Camping Word Search Puzzle

easy camping word search printable

Difficult Version

In this puzzle there are 20 camping related words that can be found horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  

The list of words includes many of the same words as the easy version with additional hidden words to challenge an older child.  

The difficulty level of this puzzle will be a fun challenge for older elementary aged kids.  

The words include things you would like to see while camping:

  • stars
  • frog
  • bear
  • pinecone
  • campfire

Things you would like to do while camping:

  • canoe
  • hike on a trail 
  • hammock
  • adventure
  • go outside
  • fish

Things you will need to bring camping:

  • lantern
  • backpack
  • tent
  • bug spray
  • map
  • flashlight

And things you would like to eat while camping:

  • smores – of course 🙂

Here you can find the download link for the free camping word search puzzle and the answer sheet in pdf format.

Difficult Camping Word Search Puzzle

difficult version of camping themed word search puzzle with 20 words

Other Ideas for the free printable camping word search

  • Take all of the words and create a story
  • Get a timer and see how fast you can finish
  • Make a spelling bee for younger kids

I hope you enjoy these camping themed word search printables on your upcoming camping trip!  The word search game is a perfect way to prepare kids for a camping experience and talk through what they may see and do on their camping trip.  Before going camping for the first time it’s a great idea to read books and talk about what it may be like to sleep in a tent or pee in the woods 🙂 This fun word search is a great activity to prepare kids for the great outdoors and get them excited about camping! 

Terms of Use

These word search templates are for your own personal use and classroom use only.

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