Crayon Suncatcher | Wax Paper Melted Crayon Art

Our broken crayon baggie in our craft bin was starting to overflow and I knew this wax paper melted crayon art craft was the perfect thing to use up the crayons and let my boys let their creative juices flow! 

created cross and two easter eggs for wax paper crayon art

I love the process of taking recycled broken crayons and turning them into beautiful melted crayon art. You can create so many things with this craft and my boys loved getting creative with this project!


  • Cheese grater
  • Old crayons
  • Iron
  • Wax paper
  • Ironing board or other hard surface to iron on
  • Old towels (I used tea towels)
  • Scissors
materials for crayon art on table

How To Create Wax Paper Melted Crayon Art

First you need to peel off the paper on the crayons

child taking paper off of crayons

Grate the crayons with your cheese grater- separating like colors together in a bowl

child grating color crayons

Start your iron and put it on the lowest setting, then set aside until later

Break off 2 pieces of wax paper and place one in front of your child

Allow your child to make a fun pattern or creation on the wax paper with the crayon bits

child putting crayon shredding on his wax paper

Once your child is done making their creation with the crayon pieces transfer the paper to your ironing board. Put an old towel between your iron board and wax paper 

Take your second sheet of wax paper and put on top of the crayon shavings

wax paper on iron board with iron next to it

Use another old towel to put on top of the wax paper

Then use your hot iron to iron on top of the towel. See my tips and tricks below for some things I learned through trial and error! I would recommend doing this step for your child. If you want your older child to iron their art they will need adult supervision. It’s okay to peek every once in a while to check out the color combinations that start to form.

iron on top of towel with wax paper crayon art under

Take a white crayon and make an outline of what you want to create on your waxed paper

child drawing outline with white crayon

Cut out your shapes

child cutting out wax paper crayon creation

Hang your creation in a window for a darling sun catcher

egg garland hanging in the window

Tips & Tricks When Making Your Melted Crayon Art  (Learn From My Mistakes 🙂)

Some crayons were very easy to peel the paper off of, but others became a bit frustrating for my kids. I found that if I scored the paper with a sharp knife (an adult should do this) it was so much easier for my boys to peel the paper off.

Grating the crayons was harder for my boys because the pieces were so small. If you want your kids to be part of this step I recommend using full crayons so they have a bigger surface to grate safely.

Make sure your iron is on low heat. Ours was on medium heat and it was just a bit too hot. Once I turned it down to low heat the end result of our creations were much better!

lots of colors of crayon shavings in bowls on table

If you are doing this craft with younger kids (toddlers or preschoolers) I would highly recommend having all of the crayon shavings done before bringing them up to the table. The process of grating the crayons can take a while and my little one did not have the patience to wait. 

When ironing I found our creations were the best when I picked up the iron and left it on for a few seconds and then picked it up to move to a different part of the wax paper. By doing this the colors didn’t mix as much as they did when I rubbed the iron around the wax paper. In the picture below the left creation was when I put down and picked up the iron. The creation on the right was when I rubbed the iron around to melt the crayons. 

comparison of wax paper crayon creations

Some people use a handheld pencil sharpener or crayon sharpener to grate the crayons . Honestly, this may have been easier than the cheese grater.

Use old towels because you may have some crayon wax that seeps out from the wax paper. Your towels will be stained if this happens. It was also helpful to have some paper towels on hand for any crayon wax that seeped out.

egg garland on table with crayons around it

If you find that your creation separates a little after cutting out your shape you can do the iron process again. Just make sure to not let the iron sit for too long on your craft. It only takes a few seconds to have the wax paper adhere.

What To Create With Your Wax Paper Crayon Art

There are so many different ways to use this craft, honestly the sky is the limit for what you could create! 

egg garland hanging in the window

We made this fun easter garland with some twine and a hole punch. My boys also made crosses we hung up on our window. 

Bookmarks were fun to make and super simple! You just need a hole punch and ribbon and you have a sweet bookmark to use or gift to loved ones. 

lots of wax paper crayon art creations on table

We made a heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it was such a cute window hanging that had a stained glass effect.

My older two boys wanted me to make sure that I also shared how this craft would be a great way to celebrate Earth Day because we are reusing old broken crayons we would have otherwise thrown away! (I promised them I would share this idea with you 🙂)

wax paper melted crayon heart

​Other Fun Crafts For Kids

I would love to see the beautiful products your kids make if you do this with your little ones!

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