Painting Snow | A Fun Winter Art Activity for Kids

Painting on snow is a fun winter activity for kids of all ages!  If you are wanting to play with snow, but also stay nice and warm, this painting snow activity is the best of both worlds and an easy indoor activity for the long winter months!

two jars of colored water sitting on top of a pan of snow

We LOVE snow at our house.  The cozy feelings it brings when you’re inside watching it fall and also bundling up and spending the afternoon playing in it.  We just got so much snow, but it is too cold to go outside, so we decided to bring the snow inside! 

This fun snow painting activity was the perfect solution for my kids desire to play in the snow and also my desire to not freeze our butts off. They spent the entire morning creating snow art and mixing colors into their beautiful bright white canvas of snow.  I was actually surprised their snow didn’t melt for how long they played, it kept them busy for close to 1.5 hours!

Painting snow is a super fun activity and a great way to enjoy snow without needing to put on your snow pants.  It was also super easy to set up and clean up and used supplies we had on hand! 

a girl painting snow on a kitchen table

Supplies for Painting on Snow

  • Paint brushes
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors ( You could use washable tempera paints or different kinds of paint as well diluted with water if you wanted!)
  • Containers – to hold the snow
  • Real snow!
a childs hands painting snow inside with lots of colored water paints next to the pan

Snow Painting Activity Instructions

Gather a large bin or pan and fill it with snow.  

Make your own snow paint by mixing up a few drops of food coloring into a glass of water.  I also used liquid watercolors, which worked, but I found the colors from the food coloring to be brighter!

​Paint on your snow! 

two children painting snow inside at the table with their colored watercolor paints

My kids had so much fun with this activity.  They loved painting and using their paint brushes to make crevices and holes in the snow.  At the end things got a little crazy and they started pouring some of their colored water onto the white snow to see all of the different colors.

a large pan of snow that has been painted and is very colorful sitting on the table

When they were done adding the colors they used their fingers to press down their designs and it turned into a fun sensory activity. It’s not too often their little hands get to play in snow without getting super cold!  

You could add different toys and cars and turn it into a winter sensory bin very easily.  You could also make a snow sculpture and fun shapes as well, there are a lot of creative ways to play with snow!

The best part is when they wanted to make another picture all I had to do was wash out the bin and add some more fresh snow and they started again.  It truly is such a simple activity and I know my kids will be asking to make snow art on our next snow day!  

a large pan of painted snow sitting on the snow

Why We Love Painting on Snow

  • Color mixing is my girls’ favorite part of painting, so this was the perfect activity to let them mix their colors and watch them change!
  • Clean up was so easy, the snow just melted away when rinsed in the sink and everything else just wiped right up
  • It uses simple supplies and we didn’t have to buy anything extra to do the project
  • It is a great way to work on fine motor skills with your kids
  • Painting on snow is a great alternative for kids who don’t like to play in the snow or are very sensitive to cold.  
  • It is a great activity for kids of all ages! Older kids would have fun making patterns and you could even use spray bottles and let them go outside to make their designs straight on the snow if they wanted.  

This is one of my new favorite snow activities and such an easy way for young children to play in the snow.  I know before the snow melts we will be doing this snow paint activity again!

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