Animal Tracks Bingo Game For Kids- Free Printables

My kiddos love going exploring in the woods to see what fun animal tracks we can find. This animal tracks bingo game was a perfect way to work on track identification and is so fun to play as a whole family. This post includes free printable bingo cards, an animal track template for your child to reference as well as calling cards for lots of nature fun!

Animal track Guide & Bingo card on green template with bear and fox graphic

This activity includes 2 of our favorite things in our house, games and animals, so it is no surprise that this is a family favorite. This is a great family game to bring camping or along on a hike to fill time when your legs need a break. It is easy to play and with the animal track template to reference is perfect for elementary aged kids and up. 

This game is a fun way to work on animal track identification. It pairs perfectly with these animal track cards which are perfect for taking with on outdoor adventures & also make for a fun matching game. There are 14 different animals on these animal track cards and in this animal track bingo game. If you are a teacher this is a great way to bring in some fun during a physical science unit!

bingo card and children with magnifying glass looking for footprints with owl and porcupine graphic on photo

What You Need To Play Animal Tracks Bingo

  • Bingo cards for each person playing- free templates are towards the bottom of this post
  • Card markers (think coins, small scraps of paper, or my kid’s favorite, M&Ms)
  • Calling cards- free printable template is towards the bottom of the post
  • Animal track reference sheet (optional)- template at the end of this post 
  • Fun prize for the winners!

How To Play Animal Tracks Bingo

  1. First identify the variation of bingo you are playing. Some different game ideas include:
    • A complete horizontal, diagonal or vertical line- this is the most traditional bingo game
    • Blackout bingo (goal is to fill the entire bingo card)
    • 4 corners
    • Full outside square outline
    • Complete the inside boxes to create a square
  2. Identify who the caller will be, this person won’t have a bingo card and will call the track cards one at a time
  3. Everyone else gets a bingo card to play with 
  4. The caller will draw a calling card from a bowl or hat and call out the animal they picked
  5. Have everyone place a marker on the animal’s track (if it is on their card) 
  6. When one lucky player has completed the variation you chose above they can call out “bingo” 
  7. Double check the winner’s answers and then allow them to pick a prize!
animal track guide, bingo card and calling cards surrounded with animals and animal tracks

Free Animal Tracks Bingo Printable

​These bingo cards are a 9×9 square. There are 14 animals used in this game so each card has 9 of the 14 animals on them. 

Your free printable PDF file includes:

  • 10 different bingo cards
  • Animal tracks template to use if you need help identifying the animal’s track
  • ​14 calling cards for each animal identified on the bingo cards

You will need to fill out the information in the box above and the printable will be emailed to you in a PDF file immediately. This printable game and files included in the PDF are intended for personal use as well as use in a classroom or school. 

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