Printable Mother’s Day Questionnaire (For Grandma’s Too!)

Kids say the funniest things and this free Mother’s Day printable questionnaire is sure to give you a good laugh and turn into a cherished keepsake. 

Questionnaire for mom and grandma with flowers

My kids love completing questionnaires like this. They have fun filling in their answers and having their own gift to give a loved one. This questionnaire is a thoughtful gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

I know that Grandmas hold a special space in many kid’s lives as well so I included a grandma page to the free downloadable printable towards the end of this post.

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate that special person in your child’s life this heartfelt gift is a great option. These questionnaires are a perfect Mother’s day gift for a special mom, mother figure or grandma.

All About This Mother’s Day Questionnaire

These templates have fun questions for your kids to answer about their mom or grandma. I have included open ended questions for the child to answer, and I promise their answers will not disappoint. This is a great activity for kids of all ages. 

This printable asks for fun facts including:

  • Their mom’s name
  • Their mom’s age
  • What their mom is really good at
  • What they love doing with their mom
  • What their mom enjoys
  • The child’s favorite thing about their mom

I also included a spot for them to draw a picture of their mom or grandma. Kids drawings are some of my favorite things so it was a must for this printable!

mothers day all about my mom questionnaire surrounded by flowers

You can have older kids with good reading and writing skills complete the form independently. For younger children you can ask them the Mother’s Day interview questions and fill in the answers on the blank lines for them. Be sure to write their answer word-for-word so that you capture the sweetness of their own words.

The completed questionnaire makes a great Mother’s Day card or addition to a mother’s day gift. Questionnaires like these are one of my most treasured items my kids have made for me. The grandma version is also a perfect gift for Grandparent’s Day or for a birthday present. 

All about my mom and all about my grandma questionnaires with floral decor

Teachers- my husband is wonderful but has self proclaimed that he is not the best at homemade gifts from my kids to me. When my own children bring home things like this Mother’s Day questionnaire from school I treasure it more than you even know. I just had to give you a little shout out as I’m writing this post. 🙂

Free Mother’s Day Questionnaire

The form above will send you an email with a PDF file that contains the free printable Mother’s Day questionnaire.  Feel free to print the page you need, you can choose the questionnaire for moms or the grandma questionnaire or both! These printable pdfs are for your personal use or for classroom use. You can print off on either printer paper or card stock, either works well for this activity. 

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. This article was wonderful, step by step easy to understand and full of great ideas that any mom or Grammy would love to receive! Good job!!!!!

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