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This feelings chart & coping tools printable is perfect for home or classroom use. It is a great tool to hang on the refrigerator or tape to the top of a student’s desk. If you are looking for a positive way to help your child label and respond to their feelings this is a great tool to use!

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In my job as a developmental behavioral pediatric nurse I get to talk to kids and families about emotional regulation skills frequently. Understanding and responding different kinds of emotions is something that needs to be practiced over and over. They often need our help labeling how they are feeling and direction on how to use simple, practical tools to calm their body or focus. Working on expanding kid’s emotional vocabulary is really important so they can help label the different feelings they experience. This skill is just as important for young children as it it for older children.

feelings chart and coping tools hanging on fridge

I have this chart up on our fridge for my kids to refer to. It is a great tool to use, especially if they are feeling a little more emotionally reactive that day. It is so nice to have a quick reference for them to not only identify and label how they are feeling but also pick a coping tool to use to help their body re-regulate. These magnets are what I use to put on the back of the chart to hang on our fridge.

We have loved using these printable emotion cards to help talk about emotions in a fun way. They are a great supplement to the feelings chart in this post!

printable feelings chart with emotion cards on table

About This Printable Feelings Chart & Coping Tools

This emotion chart shows 5 emotions with facial expressions. These include:

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Unfocused
  • Worried 
  • Frustrated

It also includes different ways to regulate your own emotions, the coping tools provided on this include:

  • Take a break
  • Count to 10
  • Quietly exercise
  • Think of 3 things I am thankful for
  • Draw or color
  • Get a drink of water
  • Talk to a trusted adult
  • Take 3 deep breaths
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Why Is It Important For Kids To Have Emotional Awareness?

Emotional awareness is an essential developmental milestone. As a parent or teacher it is our job to help kids develop emotional intelligence. Helping kids develop positive emotional awareness and social skills in childhood is so vital to them making and maintaining friendships throughout life. Giving them great tools and healthy ways to respond to a variety of emotions is so important. 

This chart can is an excellent way to help kids label and identify how they are feeling. The faces attached to the emotions are helpful for kids to recognize how they are feeling. They can then quickly identify coping tools to help re-regulate their emotions if needed. 

How To Use This Feelings Chart & Coping Tools Printable

My favorite way to use this printable is by printing it out, laminating it and posting it in a place my child can see during day to day activities. It is a great tool to quickly reference if they are starting to become dysregulated or feeling stronger emotions. It is a great way to do a feelings check-in during the day as well. 

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If your child is younger or has a limited vocabulary they can help pick the feeling face on the chart that they identify with. They may need help initially deciding on a coping tool to use but with repetition you will find your child quickly will become independent with this.

You can also use this with a child if they are needing help identifying how another person may feel and you can then talk through how to respond to help that peer. This helps build better empathy and continues to reinforce identification of specific emotions. I love working with kids on this skill because sometimes it doesn’t come naturally but when you see a child use empathy towards other kids after working on these skills it is so powerful. 

Your Free Emotion Chart Printable

You just need to complete the form above and the free downloadable printable feelings chart will be sent to your inbox immediately. It is a PDF file. This free printable feelings chart is for personal use as well as classroom use.

This printable includes a quick reference card with two parts to it, it includes a list of feelings with faces showing these feelings and a side that includes coping tools to use. It is a great visual tool to help kids understand basic emotions and how to respond to them. 

I recommend printing this chart out and laminating it to protect it from the little hands that will be using it. Once laminated you can use tape or magnets and put on your fridge, desk, child’s bedroom or any other place that the child sees frequently. This is my favorite laminator and I used these laminating sheets for this project.

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