Fingerprint Heart Tracing Valentine’s Craft Printable

Valentine’s day is so much fun to celebrate with kids. This fingerprint heart tracing Valentine’s craft is perfect for preschoolers. It is a no-prep activity that is perfect for the month of February. 

Fingerprint Heart Tracing Valentine's Craft on table with paint along side paper

This activity is a easy way to work on fine motor skills and color recognition. Fine motor skills are so important for preschoolers and kindergarteners to work on as they are building their pre-writing motor skills.

The hearts have 6 different colors on the printable to allow your child to work on matching the color hearts to their paint or color utensil. The heart tracing worksheet was created to be versatile and easy to use both in your home or classroom. 

Child painting with fingerprint heart printable with paint next to them

Materials Needed For Fingerprint Heart Tracing Valentine’s Craft

  • Heart tracing printable (link for this is towards the end of this post)
  • Paint or ink pads (red, orange, green, purple, blue, yellow)

How To Use The Fingerprint Heart Printable

First you need to print off the heart printable towards the end of this post

Pour out a little of each color paint (red, orange, green, purple, blue and yellow) onto a paper plate for your child to use. Stamp pads work as well if you would like to forego paint. 

Child tracing red heart on printable with paint

Allow your child to trace the heart with their fingerprints. Encourage them to match the color heart with the color paint they are using. 

Seeing the rainbow of little fingerprints that are in a shape of a heart is so sweet and a great decoration for the month of February. 

Completed Fingerprint Heart Tracing Valentine's Craft with paint next to it

Alternative Ways To Use This Printable

There are many different ways you could use this printable. Some ideas include:

  • If you have a child who doesn’t like dirty hands you can let them use markers to trace the hearts or a q-tip and paint. Using the q-tip to paint is a great way for young children to work on hand-eye coordination.
  • As my kids went through Kindergarten and 1st grade they worked a lot on heart words (words that don’t follow rules of reading and just have to be memorized). These hearts would be a great way to allow kids a creative way to paint or color the outline and then write in a heart word in the middle of a heart, quickly making learning fun! You could create a whole wall of heart words on your classroom wall for a bright display to help with sight word recognition. 
  • If you want to take it one step further, you can cut out the hearts and put them on the front of handmade cards for mother’s day or Valentine’s day. 
  • You could laminate the printable or put them in page protectors and have your child use white board markers to trace or color in the heart shape. This allows you to erase and use this activity over and over. 
Fingerprint Heart Tracing Valentine's Craft with paint next to it

Free Fingerprint Heart Printable

Here is the link to the free heart printable. If you click the link it should take you to a downloadable PDF file. This printable is for you to use in your home or classroom. 

Other Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day 

If you are looking for some other Valentine’s Day activities here are some fun ones:

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Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin from Busy Toddler (this is a great option for little kids!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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