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My kids have started learning Spanish in school this year and it has been so fun to see their excitement in learning a new language. I was searching for ways to help encourage this learning at home and created these adorable (I may be biased) farm animal flashcards. 

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These free farm animal flash cards are such a wonderful way to work with kids on their language skills. You can choose to use both the English and Spanish versions or just stick with one. Either way is a win when you are looking for a way to make learning fun for your little ones!

There are 8 animals on these cards (4 per page). These include a duck, dog, cat, chicken, cow, horse, pig and sheep. They have both words and images on them so can be used with pre-readers and also with elementary school kiddos. I have provided a few ideas later in this post on ways to use these free printables. 

What You Need

  • Printer (or a local print shop)
  • Free PDF file below of flash cards
  • Laminator (optional)
Flash cards of a dog, chicken, cow and pig with english labels

How To Use/Activity Ideas

You can use these flash cards in so many different ways. They make learning fun and can be used for a variety of ages from kids in elementary school all the way down to use with toddlers.

Here are a few fun ways to use the cards:

  • The images on these cards are so sweet and would work perfect as decor in a nursery! I bet you didn’t see that one coming as the first use. 🙂 I’m a sucker for adorable nursery decor.
  • For our early learners you can use these cards to help encourage animal recognition & farm animal sounds. You can lay the cards out and give your child a simple task of “find the” (“animal that says moo”, or you can use the animal names to prompt them). These flashcards are a great way to encourage speech and language skills as well as help with recognition of different farm animals.
  • For older kids you can do the above activity but use the alternate language. For example, if your child is working on the Spanish names of the animals I would lay the cards out, face up, and say “find el pato”. You can start by laying out the cards with the Spanish names so they can get clues by reading the title. As they start mastering this you can make it harder by putting only the English version out but continuing to prompt by using the Spanish name. 
  • You can print off 2 of each animal and create a fun matching game. This is a great way to turn learning into a game. 
  • Print off the free printables in both Spanish and English and make a word wall with the cards. It’s amazing how kids soak in information around them, even if you aren’t talking about it every day. 
  • Laminate the cards and single hole punch them. Put them on a ring and bring them along as a quiet activity for your kids while waiting in lines or for a fun family game while out to eat. 
Flash cards of a horse, duck, sheep and cat with spanish labels

Free Farm Animal Flashcards

You just need to complete the above form and the free printable PDF with the farm animal flashcards will be sent directly to your inbox. You should be able to open the link included in the email and print off the flash cards in both English and Spanish. 

I would highly recommend printing these on card stock or laminating them once printed. They will get played with frequently and we want to protect them for repetitive use. Here is my favorite laminator if you are new to laminating (watch out, it’s addicting 🙂). These are for personal use in your home or classroom. 

A Few Other Fun Farm Activities You May Like

We loved making this sunflower handprint craft, it reminds me of my grandparents farm and my grandma’s huge garden that had sunflowers everywhere!

This chicken handprint craft by Simple Everyday Mom is adorable and would be a great compliment to these flashcards

Fisher Price’s Farm Animal See n’ Say toy is a classic 

These farm animal flashcards have quickly become a favorite amongst all of my kids (ages 3-9)! They are an exceptional tool to help foster language skills and vocabulary development.

Corny mom jokes are my favorite so I’ll leave you with this: What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? It’s pasture bedtime.

Pinterest Pin for farm animal flash cards

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