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As spring is approaching we have loved getting outside more and enjoying all that nature has to offer. This nature bingo activity for kids is such a fun game to play on nature hikes, camping trips or when playing outdoors with your little ones!

nature bingo cards with a photo of the woods and kids looking at the ground in the forest

This nature bingo game is a perfect way to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. All of my kids enjoyed this game so much and the bingo cards have both pictures and words so even my 4 year old could easily play with his own bingo card. This nature bingo game is a perfect activity to add to your summer bucket list activities!

This post includes 20 free unique bingo cards, perfect for your whole family, summer camp group or classroom. If you have more than 20 people you can either play in teams or have a few people have matching bingo sheets. 


  • Nature bingo cards (free printable cards are towards the end of this post)
  • Marker (you can use pencils, dot markers or if laminated dry erase markers)
Nature bingo card on green nature background

About This Nature Bingo Activity For Kids

This fun game is a little spin off of the traditional bingo game. Instead of calling cards what you observe in nature is how you fill your spaces. This makes such a fun nature activity and is so simple to play! 

These bingo cards are adorable and contain lots of different nature items for kids to search for. There are similar cards but they all have different variations of nature items. These items include:

  • Tree stump
  • Yellow flower
  • Bird
  • Butterfly
  • Pinecone
  • Acorn
  • Mushroom
  • Dragonfly
  • Pond
  • Pink flower
  • Animal track
  • Bug
  • Leaf
  • Berries
  • Purple flower

How To Play Nature Bingo

  1. Print off the free printable nature bingo cards that are linked later in this post
  2. Give each person playing a unique bingo card
  3. ​Decide on the variation of bingo you are going to play, some ideas include:
    • A complete horizontal, diagonal or vertical line- this is the most traditional bingo game
    • Blackout bingo (goal is to fill the whole card)
    • 4 corners
    • Full outside square outline
  4. Go on a nature hike together, this game is almost like a little scavenger hunt
  5. As someone finds items on their bingo card have them yell out what they found and show the group
  6. People who have the item that was found on their card can mark off that spot
  7. Once someone has completed the variation you choose above they call out “bingo” and win that round
  8. Have everyone clear their cards and play again!
2 nature bingo cards on neutral background

Tips/Tricks When Playing Nature Bingo

Before you go out on your nature bingo adventure don’t forget to make a pair of toilet paper binoculars to help you find all of the nature items on your bingo card!

I recommend laminating these bingo cards to create a reusable game of fun! We love taking these on our adventures and during longer outings play multiple rounds so its really nice to be able to wipe them off and keep playing.

The best way to play this with younger kids is to review the items on the card before starting the game. The pictures on the card will help them with identification but it is helpful before the first game to talk them through each item as well. 

3 bingo ards on green background with clouds, sun and trees

This would be a great activity to celebrate Earth day!

Don’t forget to celebrate at the end of your nature adventure. Ice cream sundaes are a family favorite after hiking on a summer day!

Your Free Printable Nature Bingo Cards

Just complete the information in the box above, including adding your email address, and the free printable nature bingo cards will be emailed directly to your inbox. These will be in a PDF file as a digital download. This printable is for personal use at home or in your classroom. 

These free nature bingo printables includes 20 unique cards with fun nature items. It is perfect for kids of all ages and makes for a fun summer activity!

Other Nature Activities

  • These animal track cards are a perfect addition to this bingo game and are so much fun to bring along on nature adventures!
  • If you have a creative little one these nature paint brushes are so simple to make and create such fun nature art. 
  • As flowers start to bloom these pressed flower bookmarks are such a fun (and really adorable) activity to do with kids!
  • We love fun activities and I’m so excited to try this nature sticky wall with my toddler this summer. 

I hope your family enjoys this fun nature bingo activity for kids. It’s such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy time together!

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