Frozen Whipped Cream Cut-Out Shapes Kids Will Love

Frozen whipped cream cut out shapes are a really simple and fun way to add a little festive touch to your hot cocoa and favorite hot beverage this holiday season.  It’s not just for Christmas time, you can use hearts and snowflakes for fun additions to your hot chocolate all winter long.  

Your kids will love making these hot chocolate toppers and it’s an easy recipe to have on hand for snow days this winter and share with friends!

cup of  hot chocolate with a whip cream snowflake hot chocolate topper and cookie cutters next to it

The method to make these frozen whipped cream shapes is so simple and you can cut out and freeze for later so they are ready to use whenever hot chocolate is calling your name!  

They are a fun addition to your hot chocolate bar, Christmas drinks, Valentines day drinks and any holiday where you are serving hot chocolate!  You could also use them as a fun topping on your favorite desserts that you would normally put a dollop of whip cream on 🙂

Your kids will love helping you make this recipe and it is a great recipe for little hands to help with!

Ingredients to Make Frozen Whipped Cream Shapes

Whipped Cream! This is my favorite homemade whipped cream recipe – it is very simple to make and works great to make cut outs.  The only ingredient you need to make whipped cream is heavy whipping cream, so if you have that you are set! The recipe above does call for vanilla extract and maple syrup for a little extra flavor and sweetness so if you have those, great, if not don’t worry, just leave them out and you can still make these fun shapes!

If you are not up for making homemade whip cream, Cool Whip works great as well!

cookie cutters next to a baking pan with a sheet of homemade whip cream layered on it

How to Make Whipped Cream Cut-Outs

Spread your whip cream in an even layer on a cookie sheet or baking pan that will fit inside your freezer

Freeze for at least 4 -6 hours, or overnight

Take the baking pan out of the freezer and use cookie cutters to cut out your shapes.  

Place the shapes in a container and layer on top of each other with each layer separated by parchment paper or wax paper

Freeze in an airtight container 

pink cookie cutter cutting shapes in frozen whip cream

Tips for Making Whipped Cream Cubes

When you take the frozen whipped cream out of the freezer it will begin to soften quickly so have your cookie cutters ready when you take it out of the freezer!  If you find your shapes are breaking, wait just a few minutes for it to soften a tiny bit before trying again. 

For best results make sure your whip cream layer is not too thin, otherwise your shapes will melt right away and not hold their shape.

Use cookie cutters that are a bit smaller so that the shapes will fit inside of your mug.  I used these awesome little cookie cutters from Target and they were perfect. 

set of christmas cookie cutters on counter

Variations for your Hot Chocolate Toppers

Sprinkle your whipped cream before freezing with sprinkles or candy canes pieces

Add a dash of food coloring to your whip cream to make a colorful cut out.  Pink frozen whipped cream hearts for Valentine’s Day would be an adorable addition to this white hot chocolate recipe.

Add a little peppermint extract to your cool whip or whipped cream recipe for a minty flavor

You will have leftover whipped cream so feel free to make another layer for more shapes or freeze some whipped cream dollops for your future self

I hope you enjoy this fun recipe and it adds a special touch to your holiday drinks and winter days this year!  How are you going to use your whipped cream toppers? 🙂  

holding a christmas mug with hot cocoa and star whip cream shape in front of the christmas tree

Merry Christmas!!

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