Mega Bloks Building Cards | Preschool Learning Activity

These Mega Bloks building cards are simple to make and are such a great early math activity for young kids. This activity helps kids develop spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive flexibility.

mega bloks and building cards on a table

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The science behind the power of children and block building is compelling to say the least. Parenting Science does a great job explaining the benefits of exposing your children to block building. Even kids as young as 14-16 months old benefit from block building play! 

This activity is perfect for your little builder. It allows their big imaginations to go wild. The learning and problem solving that go along with this activity is an added bonus. 

child building block pattern with mega bloks and the block building card

Materials Needed 

How To Make Mega Bloks Building Cards

  1. Create a pattern with your building blocks. I recommend keeping it simple for preschool aged kids with a maximum of 3-4 blocks per pattern.
  2. Trace the pattern with a marker onto your card stock
  3. Color the blocks on the paper if you are wanting your child to follow a certain color pattern
  4. Laminate if you would like the paper to hold up to long-term use
two block building cards with block creation on table

How To Use The Building Cards

I recommend sitting with your child during this activity, at least for the first time they are shown it. It can prove to be a more difficult fine motor task for little hands so your child may need some encouragement.

Take the Mega Bloks building toys and your building cards and have your child pick a card. You can then work together to create the pattern of blocks that are on the card. This is a great way to spend some sweet time together while working on some really important learning skills! 

Ideas On When To Use This Block Building Activity

  • Quiet time or independent work time
  • Waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office (it is a great busy bag activity)
  • Long car trips or flights
  • Small group learning time or center time in a classroom setting
  • During warmer months we love to bring this activity outside to work on under our front yard tree on a blanket so we can do some outdoor play
child building with red and blue blocks

Other Great Preschool Learning Activities

I would love to hear from you if you do this activity with your kids. It is such a great activity for endless learning fun!

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