How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas is just a few weeks away and my kids have been all-in for all things Christmas this year. This pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament has been an adorable addition to our tree and was so much fun to make! 

piper cleaner Christmas tree held in front of white background

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I love easy Christmas crafts and this one definitely fits in that bucket. Younger kids can make this with a little bit of help and it is a perfect craft for older kids to do independently. As a developmental nurse I also love that this craft is a great way to work on fine motor skills for little ones. 🙂 These pipe cleaner Christmas trees are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.


This craft uses very simple materials, most you may already have most of them in your craft bin!

Completed tree on table with pony beads in bowl, scissors and pipe cleaners

How To Make Your Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Pick out your pipe cleaner that you want your tree to be made out of. We chose green but sparkly pipe cleaners could be really pretty.

Decide how big you want your tree and cut your pipe cleaner to the desired length. We made our tree the entire size of the pipe cleaner for this project. 

Create your pipe cleaner into a tree shape. It will look like a triangle with the bottom overlapping.

Add a bead to the top of the Christmas tree, we chose yellow like a star! 

Twist the ends at the bottom of the triangle together – the photo below shows you how I did this.

hand is adding cross pipe cleaner to christmas tree triangle with other pony bead ornaments on table

Take another piece of pipe cleaner and twist it on one of side of the triangle as shown above. This can be the same color of your tree or you can choose a different color!

Once this is connected to the top part of your triangle string on a pony bead. 

Bring the pipe cleaner across the triangle and wrap it around the other side of the triangle. String on pony beads and bring the pipe cleaner across the tree again, wrapping it around the opposite side of the triangle.

person making tree and showing how to pull pipe cleaner across tree

Repeat this until you get to the bottom of your tree. Once you are at the bottom of your tree wrap the pipe cleaner around the side of the triangle at the bottom where you ended to secure and cut any left over pipe cleaner.

To add your stump cut a brown pipe cleaner about 2 inches. Find the bottom of the tree and fold it over in the middle to create your tree trunk. 

photo of person adding tree trunk to the bottom of their pipe cleaner Christmas tree

Use fishing wire or ribbon (I cut mine 7 inches long) and string it through your bead at the top of your tree and tie at the top to create a loop to hang it.

Find a fun spot to hang up your cute little Christmas tree!

Different Ways To Use Your Christmas Tree Craft

  • This craft would make the most adorable decoration on a wrapped Christmas present
  • Hang it in your window for a darling sun-catcher
  • Attach to a gift card or this Christmas potpourri gift bag for a thoughtful gift for teachers or child care providers
  • These pipe cleaner trees would be a wonderful craft to do during a class holiday party or Christmas celebration with family
finished tree ornament hanging on Christmas tree

Other Easy Christmas Crafts 

These pipe cleaner candy canes are an easy craft for young kids and make adorable homemade Christmas ornaments.

I love making these handprint Christmas trees when my kids are toddlers/preschoolers.

If you are looking for a craft for older kids this felt gingerbread man ornament is perfect for you.

Crafts By Courtney has a great full tutorial on how to make simple craft stick Christmas trees

This gingerbread man q-tip painting printable is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

This homemade Christmas ornament will be a favorite to pull out of your holiday decor for years to come. Merry Christmas & happy crafting!

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